Expedia Travel Recovery Trend Report Q2 2021

A 20-page report detailing Expedia’s analysis of its first-party data and custom research.  

Searches grew 70% in Q2 compared with Q1, with a 25% quarter-on-quarter increase in searches for travel 22-90 days into the future.  Nevertheless, in Q2 more than half of all searches fell within the 0 to 21 days travel window. 

The bulk of searches still relate to domestic travel, but searches for international travel typically grew at a faster rate than those for domestic trips during the most recent three months.   

The report quotes separate Expedia research where consumers across 8 markets were quizzed about their upcoming travel plans which found that 72% were planning a trip within the next twelve months.  The same study found that 60% of consumers plan to travel within their own country while 27% will travel internationally during the next year.   

The study notes research that indicates a growing concern for sustainability among consumers, with an analysis of guest reviews revealing single use plastics was the most often cited topic relating to the sustainability credentials of tourism businesses.