Expedia Travel Recovery Trend Report Q1 2022

An 20-page report detailing Expedia’s analysis of its first-party data and custom research.   

Key findings include that: 

  • Search volumes in Q1 2022 were 25% up on the previous quarter and 75% up on the same period of last year 
  • The share of searches that are for 0-21 days ahead is now falling, while the proportion of searches for travel 180+ days in the future has almost trebled 
  • On a quarter-to-quarter basis 15 of the top 25 global destinations saw accommodation bookings increase at a double-digit percentage rate 
  • The number of vacation days adults in different nations are planning to take this year is presented, for example 14 in the USA and 26 in Germany 
  • Destinations that have recently eased restrictions such as Canada witnessed some of the strongest growth rates during the first quarter of the year 
  • Overall a strong summer season is forecast for the northern hemisphere