European Promotional Campaign #2 | Europe, Behind the Scenes

Over the past year, the Covid crisis has caused a major halt through all the economic sectors. The closing down of the tourism industry over the past year remains unprecedented.

One of the greatest challenges is to keep in touch with overseas travellers who, until 2019, represented a high proportion of tourism revenues in Europe. The Chinese FITs contributed to an important part in the segment of oversea travellers, featuring as the most spending tourists in Europe. The Chinese outbound tourism market will be at heart of the European tourism recovery. Several indicators are showing that Chinese Tourists are presenting the highest intention rate to come back to Europe. Besides, discussions are currently taking place between the Chinese Government and the other countries to set-up the basis of a traveling protocol while examining mutual recognition of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Further to the success of the 2020 European Recovery Plan “Wanderlust, Wonder Europe”, and to keep enhancing Chinese FITs return in Europe, The European Travel Commission has launched a second European Stimulus Plan post sanitary crisis, baptized “Europe, Behind the scenes”, dedicated to the Chinese outbound market (1st market worldwide) that will be addressed exclusively to European DMOs. The EU will exceptionally confinance this Campaign to help the operators recover from the crisis.

The goals, targets and content of this campaign have been presented through a webinar which took  place Monday, April, 26th at 11.00am CEST with the participation of ETC, ETOA and EUROPASS.


  • Nicolas Groelly – COO, EuroPass
  • Thibault Lemierre – Business Manager, EuroPass
  • Tom Jenkins – CEO, ETOA – European tourism association
  • Anna Belmas – Marketing Project Manager, ETC