Euromonitor Travel 2040: Climate Emergency

This study from Euromonitor suggests that in the longterm travel volumes will rebound from the impact of coronavirus posing a challenge to balance the economic and social benefits brought about by travel against the environmental harm that it can cause. The ‘green transition’ described in the study will be driven by technology it is argued, with greater automation, personalisation and an upskilled workforce. 

A reminder of Euromonitor’s different Covid-19 scenarios is included, with the pessimistic of these suggesting an 80% decline in global travel in 2020 and a three to four year period of recovery. 

The greater awareness of climate change concern among younger generations is noted, as well as their preference to buy from ‘purpose driven’ brands.  It is posited that destinations most likely to succeed in future are those that showed ‘creativity, collaboration and empathy’ during the pandemic. 

Musings are made on how travel may be booked in the future, with for example consumers wearing headsets or smart contact lenses that measure their emotional response to imagery of different holiday settings.   

Whether these, and other ideas for how the inside of a car, or travel by plane may look in 2040 could perhaps best be described as somewhat science fiction, but perhaps twenty years ago some of our routine habits of today would have felt nearly as far-fetched.