ETOA Webinar | Recovery in the Japanese market

Japan is one of the most important and longest established origin markets for Europe. For over fifty years it has been a source of visitors, culminating on nearly 2 million arrivals in Europe in 2019. They also view and visit Europe as a single entity: the average number of countries visited was over three. They also display a cultural enthusiasm and sophistication that makes them welcome guests.

This webinar will look at the prospects for recovery in 2022 and 2023, what the booking window is likely to be like, whether there is likely to be a change in demand for FITs and groups, if any particular destinations are likely to be favoured, and if there are any changes in sectoral demand. It will also look at the requirements that Japanese clients have when using accommodation, and what destinations might do to make themselves more attractive to the Japanese market.

We will also address the impact of the current crisis in the Ukraine.


  • Hiroyuki Yoshida, Brand Ambassador, ETOA
  • Katsumi Shimizu, Senior Vice President, JTB Europe
  • Marco De Rivo, Executive Director and Head of Hotel Operations, MIKI

The session was moderated by Tom Jenkins, ETOA