ETOA Webinar | Climate action and tourism declaration to delivery

ETOA’s new sustainability partner, Travelife, will join its other partners NECSTouR and Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency to discuss the the Glasgow Declaration, and how its commitments should turn into action.

This new consensus-building initiative commits its signatories to climate action plans that will make progress along five pathways: measure; decarbonise; regenerate; collaborate; finance.

Without change, the tourism industry as well as the wider ecosystem will become more vulnerable. To retain a safe space for tourism to remain a resilient job-generator across Europe the sector will have to change.

This will take place within system transformation across the economy: tourism is not isolated. Its reduction targets depend on efficiency gains in transport, power generation, food distribution and accommodation.

It will also be driven by demand as consumers become more interested in the consequences of their discretionary spend. The imperatives of competitiveness and carbon transition increasingly converge.

Business, still under acute stress, needs support. Finance will be required from EU and national governments, crisis recovery funding administered by regions, and from long-term infrastructure programmes.