ETOA & NTC Webinar | Digitalisation & tech in travel: expectations

Tech and the process of digitalisation is recognised as a hugely important part of our industry today; tech is the glue that holds everything together and is also the shop window for all our businesses.

It can be a daunting topic for many sectors and particularly for businesses when it comes to choosing the right platforms to work on. With this webinar we aimed to simplify the discussion on travel technology for the Nordic market, highlighting the need to look at digital tools objectively and with a long-term view; exploring ways different tech platforms interact with each other, so that also complex business needs can be met efficiently and destinations can develop sustainably.

We took a chronological look at three areas of tech and digitalisation; how has the technology evolved, where are we today and what can we expect in the future?


  • Destination Tech-Linking the Pieces of the Destination Puzzle through technology
  • Customer Tech- Reaching your consumers domestically & internationally
  • Transport Tech – How customers move around the Nordics


  • Ludvig Olsson, Business Unit Director, Enterprise Solutions, Visit Group
  • Nici Pagels, Business Development, Profitroom
  • Pascal d’Hermilly, Owner and Director, Nitro Travel Solutions

This webinar was moderated by Andy Fairburn, Director, Nordic Tourism Collective