Amadeus Report on Rebuilding Hospitality May 21

A 32-page report that sets as its ambition an exploration of the trends in demand, data and technology that are driving recovery. 

To begin the report provides a fairly upbeat assessment of demand, noting that in April 2021 global hotel occupancy reached 46%, more than three times the 13% seen twelve months before, but a compelling line chart shows that European occupancy remains in the teens as a percentage whereas China now sees levels north of 60%. 

In its survey of global hoteliers the report found that most did not anticipate pre-pandemic demand levels to return until the end of 2022, with demand in the near future being driven primarily by domestic leisure travel. 

Case studies of how hotels have facilitated the ‘work from anywhere’ trend, along with providing additional space for educational activities are cited.  

The report finds that consumers have preferred the reassurance of making direct bookings during the pandemic but that slowly OTA bookings are once again starting to gain ground. 

A number of pages are devoted to considering how various hotel groups or properties have adapted their data strategy to boost demand. 

Operational changes adopted during the pandemic that are likely to persist include increased self check-in facilities and potentially less frequent housekeeping.  

Finally the study emphasizes that contactless technologies are on the rise, but that hoteliers must use this trend to enhance personalisation    

Link to Amadeus report on rebuilding hospitality May 21