Amadeus Rebuild Travel: Digital Health Survey

Alongside a 15-page global summary separate insight reports are available for the markets included within the survey. 

The global report utilises data from 1,000 consumers in each of 9 global markets.  

The study found that two-in-five of those surveyed said they would book a trip within six weeks of restrictions being lifted while only 2% said they would not travel for at least a year after restrictions are eased.  

Fears expressed by consumers included crowds at airports and while travelling, whether accommodation providers would be adhering to all the required protocols and the cleanliness of public transport. 

The report notes that 91% said technology would increase their confidence to travel in the next year, up from 84% when the survey was conducted in September 2020. 

Technologies that were considered most likely to boost confidence were mobile applications that provide on-trip notifications and alerts, contactless mobile payments and mobile boarding. 

There was widespread acceptance that digital health passports could be appropriate in some circumstances, but consumers did point out that their confidence would be somewhat dependent on such a digital health passport being accepted in most countries and regulated by international standards. 

Respondents in Singapore were the most comfortable with the idea of using a digital health passport while those in France were the least comfortable. 

Link to Amadeus Rebuild Travel Survey