Amadeus Hospitality Market Insights Report Sept 2022

A 57-page report that focusses on the performance of the hotel sector in each world region during the recent two to three months and looks ahead to business on the books during the upcoming period. 

In order to bring context to the analysis the report regular compares performance with that achieved back in 2019 ahead of the pandemic.  The situation for occupancy on the books into the early autumn is encouraging across the majority of global regions, most notably in Europe. 

It is interesting to note that the channel mix of occupancy on the books compared with three years ago does not show any dramatic changes, with close to two-fifths being ‘Direct’, although there has been growth in the share accounted for by ‘Brand’, up from 28% to 32%. 

Trend data is presented for each world region, and leading individual markets in turn, detailing both airline net reservations and hotel net reservations, monthly occupancy across recent years and the segment from which bookings arose. 

Charts showing lead time of transient bookings make for interesting viewing, demonstrating that more than half is often within the 0-7 days window. 


Link to Amadeus Hospitality Market Insights Report Sept 2022