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ETOA is the most diverse community of European tourism suppliers, with a membership of over 350 trade buyers built up over 30 years.

Until 15th February 2021, we are offering European suppliers the chance to benefit from ETOA membership immediately – and not have to pay for it until April.

By joining our community now, you will also qualify for EXCLUSIVE MEMBER ONLY RATES at any of our 5 major online workshops being held between now and the end of April.

With continued pressure on budgets, intelligent spend is essential to find the right clients to support your recovery: with pre-qualified meetings with European tourism buyers from only €15 per appointment, we are confident that our B2B events can offer you an exceptional return on your investment.

Our online format gives direct access to buyers in North America, Asia as well as Europe; our appointment preference system helps you get in front of the right people.

Membership also gives you access to support and our extensive online resources, including an Insight Hub to help you make the right decisions in a fast-moving market.

RISK-FREE DECISION: if in April you do not think that membership of ETOA is working for you, then we will cancel your membership at absolutely no charge.


We’ve been supporting tourism in Europe since 1989.

This is a time of crisis for the industry. ETOA is focused on providing industry support through its members through lobbying, access to guidance, contacts, networking events and information.

We are a member-driven association. When you join ETOA you are becoming part of an ambitious community whose members support each other and share a common purpose and passion to make tourism better.

As a member of ETOA we will connect you, support you and inform you so that you are in the best possible position to recover from the current crisis.

“There are multiple ETOA sponsored events that that connect us to local vendors in all the countries we operate our tours in. It helps to make our tour programs stronger and is nice to know that we are working with other trusted members as well.”

Heather Lawless, Tour Operations Product Manager at Rick Steves' Europe

“Hotel Invest Italiana joined ETOA in 2003, mainly to support our Sales & Marketing activity, but over the years we highly benefitted from this fast expanding, world-wide network of well-established companies. Every year we attend the workshops, which allow us to put together meetings that would otherwise take me weeks to get through. This is a must for busy and often time-poor Sales & Marketing professional - maximum connections with minimum time.”

Guendalina Scavia, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hotel Invest Italiana

Recovery will be stronger and faster together.



Help you connect, network and do business with over a thousand tourism organisations


Provide extensive information, research and insight that will allow you to make better decisions


on local, national and European policy and regulatory issues that impact your business


We welcome suitable suppliers of all kinds that supply tourism products or services in Europe. Our strength lies in our diversity and direct membership voice.

Above all, it is about being an energetic member of our community. Our members provide us with the authority, reach and insight to fight for the support European tourism needs for recovery at all levels of government.

To find out if active ETOA supplier membership is for you, please consider the following 5 questions.


1 – Looking to do more business with both long-haul and short-haul European tourism buyers?

2 – Concerned that tourism is not getting enough political recognition or support?

3 – Frustrated with operational and regulatory issues in European destinations?

4 – Willing to actively promote the work ETOA does, both within your organisation and beyond?

5 – Prepared to share information and insights on a confidential basis to support the fight for recovery?

If you can answer YES to the above questions, then supplier membership may well be for you and we would love to discuss welcoming you as a member.

Please complete the form on this page or e-mail us at: member@etoa.org to take the next step.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ETOA is a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to supporting and building better tourism in Europe. Membership is only open to organisations actively engaged in promoting and selling tourism services to or within Europe, either as a buyer or supplier. Suppliers based outside Europe (unless representing/promoting European-based suppliers) and buyers that do not promote, purchase or sell one or more European destinations as part of their offering are unfortunately not eligible for membership.

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