Terms and Conditions

Nature of Association

The European Tourism Association AISBL (ETOA Belgium) is an international non-profit association based in Brussels. The European Tour Operators Association Limited (ETOA UK) is a non-profit company limited by guarantee with no share capital. ETOA Belgium is the sole voting member of ETOA UK. ETOA UK is an affiliate member of ETOA Belgium, which may benefit from its services.

All members join both associations. Their subscription fees contribute to the running costs of both.

Key Information

  • Any company, organisation, or association with sufficient connection with the association’s purpose is eligible for membership. [Purpose is described in Constitutional Documents and Internal Rules below.]
  • The Membership year ends on 31st December.
  • Written notice of cancellation is required no later than 30th September otherwise the following year’s subscription is payable.

Further Information

Member discounts on rates for ETOA events and services offered by both ETOA Belgium and ETOA UK. Eligibility for member-only events and services, including member-only content online providing information on operating in Europe and enhanced access to contacts at ETOA’s combined network of over 1,100 organisations.

Full Members of ETOA Belgium have voting rights. They are generally tour operators, wholesalers and other intermediaries buying European travel and tourism product, known informally as buyer members. They are also Associate Members of ETOA UK.

All other members are Affiliate Members of ETOA Belgium, and Associate Members of ETOA UK. These include the European supply chain, destinations, and industry partners.

Members should respect statutes and internal rules. Members agree not to engage in activity that could adversely affect the goals or reputation of the association.

Members are expected to abide by fair use principles. Any deliberate attempt to aggregate, share, transmit or otherwise capture and distribute ETOA member data to third parties other than in the normal course of business may give rise to liability.

Cancellation requires written notice by at least three months prior to end of the current membership year, i.e. it should be received by ETOA no later than 30th September in respect of the following membership year beginning 1st January.

Unless notice to cancel is received, subscription for the following year is payable.

Until payment is made, members may lose voting rights and may be deemed to have resigned, at directors’ discretion.

Members anticipating difficulty making prompt payment should contact ETOA.

The part due to ETOA Belgium must be approved by General Assembly following recommendation of directors. The part due to ETOA UK is set by directors.

Members may be expelled or required to resign at directors’ discretion. Grounds include breach of Internal Rules [see link below], breach of civil or criminal law in connection with business; entering a formal arrangement with creditors; loss of sufficient connection with association goals; conduct adversely affecting association’s reputation or goals. Affected members have rights of appeal.

All debts outstanding at time of expulsion or resignation will remain payable.

ETOA Belgium must give one month’s notice of a General Assembly held during the first six months of each calendar year at which full members may vote and affiliate members may observe. Voting members unable to participate may appoint a proxy to vote for them at the General Assembly. No voting member may act as proxy for more than one other voting member.

As ETOA Belgium is the only voting member of ETOA UK, no notice of ETOA UK’s AGM to the wider membership is required.

No members have any liability in respect of ETOA Belgium’s financial failure. ETOA Belgium, as the only voting member of ETOA UK, has a liability limited to £10 in the event of ETOA UK’s failure.

Terms of Conditions for Events, Co-Exhibiting and Tour Guide ID Cards

Fees and refunds for ETOA Events and co-exhibiting options are subject to the cancellation terms and notice period published for each event. Click here for more information.

Charges for Tour Guide ID Cards are reviewed annually. They are non-refundable and the cards are non-transferable.  Replacement cards are available for a fee. Click here for more information.

Constitutional Documents and Internal Rules