We create strategic partnerships with a wide range of organisations from leading data experts and climate partners over niche and source market travel trade associations to dedicated commercial partners. Additionally we work closely with a range of European NTOs and DMOs and regional tourist boards.

If you are interested in creating a partnership with us, please get in touch. If you are interested in working with us on a European project, click here.

ETOA Sponsorship Partners

Regional Partners

In addition to our Secretariat, we have established regional partnerships in Scandinavia, the Baltics and the Balkan regions of Europe. This allows us to extend our reach through trusted partners that can offer members in these regions specialist support and local promotional activities. For more information, please follow the links below.

Nordic Tourism Collective

The Nordic Tourism Collective (NTC) is acting as ETOA’s representative in the Nordics and Scandinavia. NTC was founded in 2019 by Paul Wagner and Andy Fairburn and is an independent, not-for-profit collaborative membership network for the Nordic and Scandinavian travel and tourism industry.

New Deal Europe

New Deal Europe (NDE) is ETOA’s representative in the Greater Balkan region of Europe. Led by Robert Dee and Tine Murn, NDE brings together tour operators, Balkan suppliers and destinations to promote this rapidly growing tourism destination.

Climate Action Partners

Compete or collaborate? Competition is important to maintain quality and choice, but concerted climate action is necessary in order that tourism may maintain a safe space within which to operate. Smart partnership allows ETOA to deliver better support to its members, accessing expertise and good practice resources including products and services that may suit their climate plans.

Are you interested in Climate Action and would you like to get involved?


Greentripper’s mission is to empower travellers and travel professionals to calculate, reduce, and offset the environmental impact of their journeys, ultimately accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future.

Fair Climate Fund

FairClimateFund helps make your business operations, products and/or services more sustainable: together you map out your company’s CO₂ footprint and examine next steps to take.

Tourism Declares a Climate emergency

Tourism Declares exists to enable everyone in tourism to implement the Climate Action Plans needed to halve sector emissions by 2030.

TerraVerde Sustainability

TerraVerde Sustainability is an environmental consultancy who partners with travel & hospitality organisations to build sustainability strategies.

Data and Research Partners

ETOA’s Insight Hub presents a rich statistical and insights service for our members, partners and stakeholders. Its aim is to provide up-to-date research, actionable insights and opinion pieces on the topics that matter to our members. Additionally, it serves to articulate the value of tourism to global and local economies, lending weight to our lobbying activities and supporting our vision of Better Tourism in Europe. 

We work with data partners that enable us to share access to their expertise with our members. Our data partners regularly provide us with statistics and their interpretation at webinars and conferences, open to all members.

Would you like to know more about how to become a data partner of ETOA? Contact Rachel Read, ETOA’s Director of Insight.

Tourism Industry Partners

ETOA collaborates with a range of other industry associations, ranging from associations and networks focusing on specific sectors, source markets, and destinations, to event organisations and media partners.