The Data Appeal Company: Transforming Tourism with Innovation and Sustainability

In 2023, Data Appeal and ETOA joined forces to forge an exciting strategic partnership that’s set to support tourism destinations to create, launch and measure efficient and sustainable strategies.

Data Appeal stands at the forefront as the premier organisation in sentiment-based geospatial data, travel KPIs and their 360-degree destination analysis platform – D / AI Destinations.

Their goal? To equip tourism organisations with the comprehensive, up-to-date and precise data to better shape their strategies, attract the ideal visitors, forecast with confidence and gain a competitive edge like never before.

Special offer for ETOA members

Data Appeal’s partnership with ETOA is poised to drive sustainability and growth across European tourism destinations. By arming ETOA’s members with the right tools and knowledge, we’re helping them navigate the complexities of the tourism industry while minimising their environmental footprint.

Members of ETOA can benefit from a free 7-day trial of the D/AI Destinations – Data Appeal’s all-on-one tourism destination platform as well as a 10% discount on any purchase. Simply use the code DATAAPPEAL4ETOA at the time of purchase.

The Data Appeal company D/AI Destinations

D/AI Destinations – Data Appeal’s all-on-one tourism destination platform

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Mirko Lalli

CEO & Founder of The Data Appeal Company

Made in Italy, Designed for the World

The Data Appeal Company, headquartered in Florence, Italy, is a leading AI-based data and solution provider that supports destinations, tourism boards, and ministries around the world to enhance the visitor experience, strategise efficiently, create more targeted campaigns, and better understand their territory, visitors and competitors with a data-driven approach.

Data Appeal delivers real-time insights into visitor preferences and behaviors through sentiment analysis, enriching destination analysis with market trends such as flight arrivals, hotel prices, occupancy forecasts, upcoming events, and their territorial impact, among a wealth of other valuable data points and KPIs.