Transform your strategies and decision-making processes with Lighthouse's actionable insights

We’re thrilled to introduce a strategic partnership between Lighthouse and ETOA. With Lighthouse, you gain the power to transform your strategies and decision-making processes with actionable insights around short-term rentals and hotels in your market.

Lighthouse’s platform, Destination Insight, enables you to evaluate the economic impact of vacation rentals at city, regional, and national levels. Key features include:

  1. Real-time supply and demand analysis
  2. Forecasting the impact of future events, promotions, or crises up to a year ahead
  3. Support for tax auditing and regulatory compliance with extensive industry data
  4. Anticipation of economic indicators and assessment of traveller origins
  5. Insights into traveller perceptions of your destination
  6. Performance benchmarking against competing destinations

Special offer for ETOA members

Lighthouse’s partnership with ETOA is poised to give European destinations access to more data and insights to support them in building better strategies.

Members of ETOA can benefit from a 15% discount to access Lighthouse’s Destination Insight platform. To redeem this offer, please get in touch with Michele Ancillotti, who will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Michele can be contacted at