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Here there is a rather complex tax model, comprised of 2 elements: Beherbergungsabgabe (BA tax) and Kurtaxe, which are percentage amounts determined by the grade of the hotel. 

The BA tax revenues are used to finance tourism advertising and to maintain/impove the region's infrastructure, with the proceeds being split between the Canton and Local Tourist Authority (LTA) for this purpose.

The proceeds of the Kurtaxe are wholly used to improve the tourism experience for visitors and the LTA holds the purse strings.  

However, since each Canton can determine its own model there are further variations: e.g. in Lucerne there is a third element to the tax, the Lucerne Hotel Tax, which is neither part of the BA tax nor Kurtaxe construct. The proceeds are intended for the benefit of the hotels.

With such unilateralism across cantons, it would be impossible to compile a table/chart without contacting every Canton and thereafter most hotels. Any resultant table/chart would need such labyrinthine permutations as to render it unfathomable.