Last updated 9 February 2021 | Rates reviewed and updated for all destinations listed

Turistická daň

The local tax on the stay (místní poplatek z pobytu) or residence fee (poplatek z pobytu) applies to all types of accommodation at a flat rate charged per day (excluding the day of arrival).


Below are selected destinations and further information can be found by clicking on the name of the destination.

Euro conversion on 9 February 2021 for comparative purposes:
21 CZK – €0.82
30 CZK – €1.17
50 CZK – €1.94

All types of accommodation
(maximum 60 days)
CZK per person, per day
(excluding day of arrival)
Some Exemptions
Brno centre – 21.00
other districts vary from 2.00-50.00 (full list)
Children under 18,
Disabled persons plus carer
Český Krumlov 30.00 Children under 18,
Disabled persons plus carer
Karlovy Vary
From 1 May 2021:
Reservation for 1-4 nights
Reservation for 5+ nights (21 CZK rate applies for all nights)


Children under 18,
Disabled persons plus carer
Prague 21.00
(districts may increase up to 50.00 should they choose)
Children under 18,
Disabled persons plus carer

Future rates agreed by local government

Český Krumlov – 50 CZK for the year 2022

Disclaimer: While best efforts have been made to verify the accuracy of the information, the information displayed should be used as guidance only.

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