Last updated 20 January 2023 | Rates for all destinations reviewed and updated

Taxa Turística

Type: Flat rate per person, per night

Decided by: local governments (municipalities). All municipalities regulate that the tax is levied on visitors staying overnight.

NB Algarve region is considering implementing the tax across all municipalities in the region (including Faro where already implemented). The proposed rate is €2 per person per night April-October and €1 per person per night November-March.

Below are selected destinations. Further information (and to verify current rate) can be found by clicking on the name of the destination.

All types of accommodation € per person, per night Some Exemptions
(max 7 nights)
2.00 Children under 13
(max 7 nights)
(Mar-Oct only)
1.50 Children under 13
(max 7 nights)
2.00 Children under 13
(max 7 nights)


Children under 13
(max 5 nights)
1.00 Children under 13
(max 7 nights)
2.00 Children under 13
Santra Cruz (Madeira)
(max 7 nights)
2.00 Children under 13
(max 3 nights)
1.00 Children under 13
Vila Nova de Gaia
(max 7 nights)


Children under 16,
Coach drivers & tour guides accompanying a group

Disclaimer: While best efforts have been made to verify the accuracy of the information, the information displayed should be used as guidance only.

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