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In Croatia tourist accommodation tax is known as Sojourn Tax. Click here for an English translation of the Croatian Parliament Sojourn Tax Act.  Visitors aged 18 or over face a tax of between 2kn (€0.25) to and 7kn (€1) per day depending on the category and season.

  • Each town or city municipality falls into one of four Categories, e.g. Dubrovnik is Category "A", but finding a list, definitive or otherwise, of which category a place belongs has proved elusive.  
  • Each Category has four basic seasons BUT please note the date periods do vary by location.
  • Children under the age of 12 are exempt from paying the tax.
  • There is a 50% discount for those between the ages of 12 and 18.
  SEASONS (variable from location to location)
 Category "A" 5.50 kn 7.00 kn 4.50 kn 5.50 kn
 Category "B" 4.50 kn 6.00 kn 3.50 kn 4.50 kn
 Category "C" 3.50 kn 5.00 kn 2.50 kn 3.50 kn
 Category "D" 2.40 kn 4.00 kn 2.00 kn 2.40 kn