ETOA Newsletter, August 2021

This Newsletter includes updates on:

  • Travel Restrictions, including new ETOA resource
  • New consultation on Future of Tourism
  • EU Climate Law and Emissions Reductions Proposals
  • Brexit and the travel industry
  • ETOA Insight Hub
  • ETOA Featured Members
  • Partners and events

Roadmap for recovery

Travel restrictions: good or bad?

Recent opinion polls indicate divergence between those hoping to travel internationally and the general population. A recent IATA survey reinforces the concern that cost and complexity of testing still deters prospective cross-border visitors: we need more government action on this. There is progress: from 2nd August, the UK will start to admit vaccinated travellers from US and EU without quarantine, subject to exceptions and conditions (for more detail see UK travel restrictions below). However, this overdue change comes too late to save much of the group travel trade’s US summer business given the planning horizon.

More worryingly for those hoping for a relatively quick return to normal, the general population appears to be more risk averse. A recent study by the LSE showed broad public support for stricter measures such as extending lockdown. New restrictions and requirements, whether at borders or at museum and restaurant doors, are likely to remain with us for the foreseeable future. Once the health credential verification infrastructure is in place, will it disappear as quickly? A growing concern for industry is that there appears to be political cover for disproportionately onerous protocols remaining in place.

To design, sell and deliver travel product, we need accurate and comprehensive information. It is still lacking. Operators must stay on top of a range of websites and newsfeeds, and even much-improved resources like ReOpen EU are not infallible. Uncertainty surrounds recognition of a variety of health credentials, especially where QR code readers are not yet in use, but health pass requirements are in force or shortly to be introduced.

To assist planning, ETOA has published a comprehensive index of travel protocols, primarily government websites, which can be navigated according to country of origin and destination. It remains a work in progress and can be accessed here.

UK travel restrictions

On 28th July, the UK government announced that from 2nd August England will accept vaccinated travellers from US and the EU except those arriving from France or having been in France within 10 days of arrival in UK, though we are hopeful of a change to that soon. The policy change has also been adopted by Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Pre departure and day two tests will still be required. Travellers must be administered with an EMA/FDA approved vaccine and, for US visitors, provide proof of US residency.

The EMA-approved requirement affects the EU citizens with Sputnik vaccine (e.g. Hungary) as this is yet to be approved. There are no changes for UK’s green list testing requirements in the current review. While France’s status will be subject to continual reassessment the next general review is not expected until late September or 1st October. Arrivals from ‘amber’ countries who have been fully vaccinated in the USA and European countries will still be required to complete a pre-departure test before arrival into England, as well as a PCR test on or before day 2 after arrival.

Note: Eurostar passengers beginning their journeys in Netherlands or Belgium will not be subject to quarantine on arrival in UK, unless they have otherwise been in France within the previous ten days (how this might be proved or disproved on arrival is unclear). Passengers starting their journey in Paris, or joining a train at Lille that originated in Amsterdam or Brussels, will be segregated and remain subject to quarantine at time of writing.

Future of Tourism in Europe

As previously reported, the European Commission has launched a consultation to inform policy development towards a more resilient, innovative and sustainable tourism ecosystem. For more background, click here. Especially for those who think tourism needs more joined-up governance and policy, this is an opportunity to provide detailed input. To access the consultation, click here.


EU Climate Law and Emissions Reductions Proposals

Following the European Council’s formal adoption of Climate Law on 28th June, the EU published its ‘Fit for 55‘ package of proposals to achieve the intended emissions reductions. More information on EU climate action here.

The Tourism Declares community of signatories continues to grow, and is now approaching 300. Further to its declaration in December, ETOA is developing its climate action plan, including measures to reduce and mitigate emissions related to its commercial activities as well as its office operations.

For more on this topic, see our climate page.

Brexit and the travel industry

For guidance please see our Brexit Post-Transition page and the member-only guiding regulation page.

Multilingual pages

ETOA’s website now has landing pages to provide a short introduction to our activities for readers in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

German page

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Check our latest statistics, opinion and research pieces on the Insight Hub.

ETOA is proud to be home to over 1,200 members who trust us to help them do better tourism business in Europe. New ETOA members listed here include buyers from across Europe as well as the USA and Australia along with a wide range of leading European suppliers. This month we are excited to be welcoming a number of important new buyers from Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines amongst many others. These new tour operator and wholesaler members are all keen to do more business with our suppler members whilst also supporting our events, policy and research activities.

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New Member Engagement Team

We are pleased to introduce our new Member Engagement Team. This new team has been created with the aim to help you get the most value out of your ETOA membership. If you have any questions about your membership, its benefits, ETOA events, Member portal access, how to make the most of the resources on our website or you would just like a membership catch up, please do not hesitate to contact this new team who will be happy to help.

Sonia Wilson, Head of Member Engagement

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Partner Events and Offers

When will consumers travel again? Where will they go? How much will they spend? To better understand consumer views toward traveling in a post-pandemic world, Flywire commissioned independent research of frequent leisure travelers from around the globe. Read the report to see the results!

Are you ready to learn something new? The fully virtual conference programme for TravelTech Show, taking place on 14-15 September is now online. To provide you with the right content and as much value as possible, the sessions are split in three streams to reflect the unique challenges you face.

UK Inbound invites ETOA members to join its annual conference on 16-17 September in Manchester. With topical industry discussions, inspirational keynotes, a B2B workshop and a networking evening, this year it also includes a virtual workshop on 24 September featuring additional content online. For further details and registration click here.