New Members This Month


ETOA is proud to be home to over 1,200 members who trust us to help them do better tourism business in Europe. On these pages we recognise our newest members and welcome them to our community. New ETOA members listed here include buyers from across Europe as well as the USA and Australia along with a wide range of leading European suppliers.

Full details of all our new members are available by following the link below.

Featured Members

Trentino Marketing

Trentino is an Alpine gem in the heart of the Italian Dolomites, including the northern tip of Lake Garda. Here you can experience all kinds of summer and winter adventures, practicing your favourite sport while enjoying a lot of Italian charm and warm hospitality.

Tours International

A DMC for group travel to the UK & Europe offering an exciting range of bespoke special interest tours including Film/TV Locations, History and Heritage. Clients are assured of innovative itineraries, quality accommodation and transportation, expert guides and the best attractions and restaurants.

Spotlight Interview

Interview with Alejandro Palop, CEO, Viajes Globus

Tell us about your company: what sets you apart from other buyers and how have you adapted to changing demand and circumstances during the pandemic?

Viajes Globus is an independent travel agency; we have two main lines of business: Corporate, specialised in small and medium companies and Leisure, specialised in Tailormade Luxury Travel. 90% of what we do is tailormade.

After the initial focus on assisting clients during the pandemic, taking care of repatriation, replanning and refunding activities, we understood that the pandemic would last longer than what it initially looked like. We then decided to focus on domestic travel and started promoting and designing tours around Spain. We mapped out a long term strategy to survive the upcoming crisis and also became a more productive and efficient company also due to the investment in technology, training and talent.