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ETOA is proud to be home to over 1,100 members who trust us to help them do better tourism business in Europe. On these pages, we recognise our newest members and welcome them to our community.

Since the start of 2022, we have welcomed more than 40 new members with many more expected to join in the weeks and months ahead. There has been strong growth in our supplier membership in the first quarter of 2022 in response to our rapid growth in international buyer members from long-haul source markets in 2021. We are confident these new supplier members will see real commercial benefit from their membership of ETOA and wish them well as they use their membership to build stronger relationships with our extensive buyer network.

Full details of all our new members are available by following the link below.

Featured Members


Arena di Verona Opera Festival organises one of the biggest and best known open-air Opera Festivals in the world in the ancient Roman amphitheatre in the town of Verona.

The 99th Opera Festival – from June 17th to September 4th – On the playbill five opera titles, Carmen, Aida, Nabucco, Traviata, Turandot,  plus three special events: Domingo in Verdi Opera Night, Roberto Bolle and Friends and Carmina Burana.

Don’t miss one of the most exciting experiences in Verona!

Cuma Travel

Cuma Travel is an Italian Tour Operator with over 30 years of experience providing travel packages and services in Europe. Our business is currently focused on destination Paris, with the brand, a popular travel guide and an online platform for travel cards, museums, and activities.

Spotlight Interview

Interview with Andrea Aiolfi, Owner, Food Valley Travel & Leisure

Food Valley Travel & Leisure is based in the region of Emilia Romagna in northern Italy. Tell us what makes the region so unique and worth visiting?

Emilia Romagna is the piece of land wanted by God to allow men to build Ferrari. The Emiliano-Romagnoli are like this, if they have to make a car, they make you a Ferrari, a Maserati, and a Lamborghini. If they need to make a motorcycle, they build a Ducati. If they have to make cheese, they invent Parmigiano Reggiano. Let’s not forget the exceptional cured meat, Prosciutto di Parma and condiment, the Balsamic Vinegar.

We are a region in the heart of Italy, a strategic crossing point, as if you want to go from north to south and vice versa, you must go through here.

This region is not just distinct as a physical place, we have a special way of doing and seeing things. In most places, people meet and converse in their living rooms, in Emilia Romagna we do it in the kitchen!

For these reasons, at Food Valley Travel & Leisure we would love to let the world know more about us and discover our uniqueness.