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As EU laws still apply to the UK during the transition period, there is NO CHANGE to travel arrangements for visitors or workers during 2020 entering the EU or the UK. This also applies to non-EU nationals. Transport between the EU and the UK remains unaffected.

EU and UK nationals

  • Freedom of movement still applies during the transition period between the EU and the UK.
  • EU border (applies to Schengen and non-Schengen countries) – entry requirements remain the same as prior to Brexit. For example, a passport is required to be valid for length of stay and EU border lanes can still be used by UK nationals.
  • UK border – entry requirements remain the same as prior to Brexit. For example, a passport or a European national identity card can be used.
  • Workers can continue to work without restriction on a posted, temporary or permanent basis. Mutual recognition of professional qualifications directive still applies.
  • European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) can still be used in the UK and by UK nationals in the EU.
  • No roaming charges for mobile phones.
  • No changes to driving arrangements e.g. international driving permit (IDP) and Green card not required.

Non-EU nationals in UK or EU

  • Entry requirements remain the same as prior to Brexit.
  • List of travellers scheme for school trips continues.
  • Travel within Ireland will continue as prior to Brexit. For nationals that require a visa, the British-Irish Visa Scheme (China and India) and Short-Stay Visa Waiver Programme remain in effect.


Travel from 2021

Post-transition period

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