ETOA News, Winter 2022

Happy New Year!

Welcome to a new-look ETOA News, which will appear quarterly, giving an overview of ETOA activity and its membership. Between these seasonal updates we will publish news of operational and policy issues affecting tourism in Europe.

Demand for leisure tourism will drive the visitor economy in 2022, but the industry is still in the early stages of recovery. On behalf of the ETOA team to all our members and partners, please accept our good wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.

Origin Markets - Focus on North America

A recent study by VisitBritain shows that 58% of Americans and 42% of Canadians are considering an international leisure trip in the future, with 21% of these (USA) and 10% (Canada) having booked accommodation already. The same study indicates that a money-back guarantee in the event of cancellation is the biggest draw when booking a trip at the moment.

According to Tourism Economics, 2019 volumes will not be reached until 2025. However, while we may be looking at a gradual recovery for the North American market overall, there is strong latent demand among outbound operators.

If you want to learn more about current market trends, join our free masterclass on the 12th January.

Webinar series

ETOA, in collaboration with partners and members, offers you a full programme of webinars and drop-ins taking place in Q1 2022. ​​​​​

Travel Trade Masterclasses: are free webinars designed for the European supply-chain exploring demand from global source markets to European destinations.

Drop-ins/webinars in language: are tailored to each market and more informal than the Masterclasses.

​​Please see the event calendar here for dates and links to register. 

Working with Destinations

120 European destinations are ETOA members, sharing information and collaborating on a range of activity. Over 370 buyers are looking to develop their product offer as leisure travel drives tourism’s recovery in 2022.

ETOA’s business services for national, regional, and local destinations include a B2B events platform, Celestina. Its cost-effective appointment matching system can connect the European supply chain with clients in Asia, Europe, and North America in the same day. For more information:

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Welcome to our community

In 2021, ETOA welcomed over 100 new operators into its buyer community. Intra-European and long-haul demand is changing as product needs evolve. Through membership, destinations and the European supply chain now have direct access to clients looking for new partners and product.

It is always great to welcome new members into ETOA membership and this month we are pleased to see new members join us from the UK and the USA with a number of others from across the globe just missing the deadline for this newsletter.

Please do take the time to find out more about our newest members by following this link.

FITUR 2022

Sponsored content: The global meeting point for tourism professionals returns from 19th to 23rd January. FITUR never misses its annual date with tourism and brings us the latest trends, new products and brands.


The European Commission is organising the 2nd Pan-European Cruise Dialogue event on 1st March in Brussels. The programme will cover assessment frameworks and conditions for sustainable cruise tourism. ETOA will be moderating a destination-focused panel discussion. For more information and registration, please click here.

ETOA Year in Review 2021

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