ETOA continues to actively support the Chinese outbound tourism market through these difficult times along with the many European businesses for which it plays such an important role. In recent years this segment of ETOA’s membership has seen significant growth and has become a very valuable part of the business network.

At this time, ETOA still intends hosting the 2020 edition of the China European Marketplace (CEM), in Shanghai this May, despite the current disruption being caused by COVID19 (Coronavirus) and the recent postponement of ITB China.

ETOA’s network of Chinese operators remain keener than ever to maintain and grow contact with the European supply chain for future seasons and to take advantage of the recovery in travel from China that they anticipate once the worst of COVID 19 has passed. We believe that our B2B workshop model provides a great opportunity for them to do so, at a critical time for any future recovery.

Please contact Magdalena Penz with any enquiries about existing bookings or if you are interested in attending.



目前由于COVID19(冠状病毒)状况,让ITB China不得不推迟,ETOA仍按照原计划在今年5月在上海主办2020中欧旅游资源采购会(CEM)。

中国旅游出境社通过ETOA的关系网比以往任何时候都更热衷于保持和发展与欧洲供应商的沟通,以应对未来几个季节旅游市场的大爆发,并利用从COVID 19来临的最糟糕情况下来自中国出境游的大复苏。我们相信,我们的B2B预约配对会的模式为他们提供了一个很好的机会。

如果对现有预订有任何疑问,或者将有兴趣参加,请联系Magdalena Penz

China European Marketplace is ETOA’s B2B workshop dedicated to Chinese tour operators and travel buyers looking to contract European tourism service providers.
The event will coincide with ITB China, which will be held at Shanghai World Expo and Exhibition Center from the 13th to the 15th May 2020.



Why CEM?

Key highlights 包含内容如下

  • One full-day B2B workshop 一整天B2B提前预约
  • Set of pre-scheduled meetings based on your choices 根据您的选择设置预先安排的会议
  • Your company profile in the event directory 采购洽谈会手册名录
  • Direct contact details of all attending delegates 所有参会代表的直接联系方式
  • Further networking opportunities during coffee lunch breaks, free appointment slots 在咖啡茶歇时间提供更多的交流机会,免费预约

Who is it for? 谁将来参会?

Buyers 买家

Contractors from all over China that want to source and engage with European tourism products, from

  • Tour operators
  • Wholesalers
  • OTAs
  • Travel intermediaries


  • 来自中国各地的出境社希望从中获取更多的欧洲资源
  • 旅游批发商
  • 在线旅行社
  • 和旅游相关的旅游中介

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Suppliers 供应商

European supplier such as:

  • Hotels and other accommodation providers 酒店
  • Visitor attractions 旅游景点
  • Transport companies 公众交通服务
  • Tourist boards and DMOs 各地旅游局
  • Inbound tour operators, ground handlers, DMCs 欧洲本地地接社
  • Cruise and rail excursions 游轮/铁路游览
  • Shows, restaurants, cabarets, shops, cultural demonstrations and other tourism products 民俗表演/餐厅/歌舞表演

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