Celestina How it Works

Click the video above to see the delegate-view of an online workshop, see below for details on the various functions the platform offers

B2B Matchmaking

  • Delegates at a B2B matchmaking event typically attend on a binary basis – they’re either buying or selling.
  • The format offered by Celestina matches the two sides based on their preferences, submitted in advance on the workshop.
  • Celestina is platform where your delegates can submit meeting preferences, resulting in a set agendas.  The system allows for the application of filters and is driven by the top preferences submitted from the both the buyers and the suppliers.
  • The most basic option with Celestina results in the delivery of fixed meeting agendas for your delegates (usually supplied in PDF format – a bespoke document per delegate).

Online event delivery

  • Once appointments have been matched, instead of printing out agendas for a ‘live’ event – meeting schedules can be delivered via the Celestina online meeting platform.
  • We will provide you with a dedicated landing page and branded environment for your online event.
  • Once logged in, your delegates will be tuned in to their meeting automatically – the focus is purely on the conversations with technical distractions kept to a minimum.
  • The Celestina team provides technical assistance throughout the online event.
  • We help you manage any live or pre-recorded feed you would like broadcast during opening sessions, breaks or promotional segments.

Buyer recruitment

  • As the premier network of inbound travel buyers, ETOA can provide the additional service of buyer recruitment to relevant events.
  • If your event is showcasing a European destination or other travel product then ETOA can provide a quote for recruitment services – this can be done as the sole source of operators or as part of a mix
  • The quote for buyer recruitment will depend on the target number of operators required, event timing and demand for the destination or services.

Operational support for live events

  • The Celestina event services can provide support for the streaming of live and/or pre-recorded content for the plenary sessions or breaks
  • Live technical and meeting is included in English
  • Client provides a brief, including scale timing and expectations of the online event.
  • The Celestina team provides a quote and details the suggested deadlines, actions and deliverables.
  • Upon agreement, the online platforms are created ready to receive delegate information.
  • Delegates are invited to submit their appointment preferences – they select and rank their counterparts.
  • When all preferences are recieved, the matching process begins and meetings are assigned starting with the top preferences submitted from both sides.
  • Provisional agendas are provided – allowing delegates to prepare for their meetings.
  • Final schedules are then loaded into the online event platform – on the event day delegates sign in and are tuned-in automatically to each of their meetings.

The Celestina platform does not seek to emulate a virtual exhibition, rather deliver scheduled meetings via video link and in line with a pre-set agenda.

  • Each event project will be quoted on an individual basis, however the entry cost for appointment matching and online event delivery is €20,000
  • The quote will vary depending on scale (number of delegates), timing (within the event season), duration (single/mutiple days, time zone-specific coverage), and any additional services required.
  • Included as standard:
    • The matching of appointments based on delegate data provided by client
    • Appointment preference submission by delegates
    • Dedicated online event portal
    • Delivery of online meetings
    • Broadcast support for live or pre-recorded material from organisers
    • Live technical support for event delegates
  • Additional services which can be included:
    • Delegate recruitment and registration
    • Event promotion
    • Video editing

Delegates for online events run via Celestina require the following:

    • Recommend a physical internet connection (I.e not via 3/4/5G or WIFI)
    • Internet connection should be min 600kbps download/upload
    • Working speakers, microphone and a webcam
    • Recommend desktop or laptop computer (i.e not suitable for mobile devices)
    • Recommend using Chrome browser (JavaScript must not be manually disabled)
    • Check your computer has necessary requirements here https://test.webrtc.org/. Click ‘START’, after the test there should be no elements highlighted in red.
    • Check your compatibility and security settings by testing the video platform here

Supported browsers:

To help minimise any technical problems, we recommend using an up-to-date version of Chrome (note JavaScript must not be manually disabled).

Chrome is available here.

Other supported browsers include below:

  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium) – Download here
  • Mozilla Firefox – Download here
  • Apple Safari – Download here

Browsers not supported:

  • IE11 (and below)
  • Microsoft Edge pre 2019 (E.g. v18 or v44)



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