This page provides access to a library of guidelines for Covid-related risk management that businesses can consult and adapt, taking into account their clients, product and premises.

Lack of coordination in safety protocols and legal restrictions continues to present a major challenge to the tourism industry. Short-notice changes to legal requirements, including quarantine arrangements, are hard to manage.

While all must adhere to the rules, ambiguity about the force of government ‘guidelines’ and ‘recommendations’ has led to very complex operating environment. For more information, see national and WHO guidelines.  

Some precautions and new practices seem disproportionate, others are simply unclear. This makes planning near impossible for operators. The greater the convergence in safety protocols, the faster confidence will return.

Sectoral guidelines

We feature both trade association and businesses’ own guidelines, divided by sector to take into account specific circumstances and requirements. 

They provide examples of ‘best fit’ for any given business. A 5-star hotel will not necessarily implement the same guidelines as a budget hotel, but can follow government guidelines and keep staff and guests safe. As above, other differences arise from recommendations and regulations, e.g. whether people should or must wear a face covering, and in what circumstances.

If you are an ETOA member and would like to add materials to this resource, please contact us. 

The pages are gated and for members only. If you are a member and can’t access the pages, please let us know.


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