Working groups provide opportunity for ETOA’s members and partners to cooperate on issues to do with the business environment for tourism in Europe. They are topic or destination focused. Activities can range from in-person meetings to ad hoc consultation and information sharing.

Their composition is not fixed and expressions of interest are welcome. We try to ensure access to insight from various business models and origin markets, and specialist expertise where applicable. For destination-focused groups, representatives from members’ local offices are especially valuable.

Current activity and priorities

With the Olympic and Paralymic games in 2024, hotel availability and operating condition are top of members’ list of concerns, together with ticketing for the Louvre museum in particular, whose capacity has been reduced. In Paris, we have excellent relationships with both city and regional tourism offices, who often attend the meetings.

At ETOA’s Industry Day in Brussels on 28th February 2024, Corinne Menegaux, Director General of Paris je t’aime, gave a presentation covering expectations for Olympics, Paralympics, and subsequent developments.

Topics generally discussed in the Paris working group:

  • Coach Access and parking
  • Group restrictions
  • Attractions and ticketing
  • Accommodation
  • Overnight Tax

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The last meeting (January 2024) covered the dramatic rise in overnight tax following a supplement imposed by the regional government, prospects for further restrictions on coach access after the Olympics, widespread cost increases, and the potential impact of the 26th February deadline for releasing hotel space current held by Olympics authorities.

See the City Access page for more information on coach access plans, and the tourist tax rates page for more details of the increases to the taxe de séjour.

Companies represented at recent meetings