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Interview with Martina Weber, International Marketing, Nuremberg Tourist Board

1. Can you tell us what is special about Nuremberg and why buyers should send their clients to this city?


Nuremberg addresses all segments of tourism. The city is one of Germany’s tourist highlights as well as being home to the trade fair and congress location.

Nuremberg is called the “city of history” and in fact, you can visit many museums and historic sites such as the Kaiserburg Castle and the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds. The destination is also known worldwide for its culinary specialities as the delicious Nuremberg grilled sausage and gingerbread to name a few.
Surrounded by wonderful countryside, Nuremberg is also ideal for a longer holiday, with plenty of outdoor activities in easy reach and other cities as Bamberg and Bayreuth to visit. Not to forget, of course, the world-famous Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, one of the oldest and most famous Christmas Markets in the world.

Pre pandemic our main markets were the US, Italy, Austria, Great Britain and the Netherlands and at the moment we are focusing mainly on proximity markets.

2. How has Nuremberg adapted to the new reality and are you undertaking any special activity to promote the city during this period?


The industry and all partners quickly implemented new processes and measures in order to provide a safe stay for all guests, but we also came up with many new creative ideas, like special cultural events. Together we set up a recovery campaign that focuses on the culinary theme, but also on culture and outdoors. Our aim is to showcase the variety of options Nuremberg can offer, providing special tips on what to do and see. This campaign focuses primarily on the German-speaking markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as we expect a quicker recovery from these markets.


3. You recently took part in ETOA’s City Fair online marketplace. It would be great to know how the event worked for your destination.


We’ve been joining City Fair for several years and also participated in the online event. It was always an extremely successful workshop, we were able to meet great new contacts and keep in touch with existing ones. City Fair was also very important for us to better understand the current travel behaviour and future trends so that we could adapt our marketing and sales strategy. Without the online marketplace, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to make so many contacts in these challenging times. We will definitely take part in the Global European Marketplace this year and City Fair next year, whether online or in person.

Martina Weber

International Marketing

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