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Interview to Gustavo Pérez, CEO of mugiCloud

1. What unique solutions does your company offer to the transport and connectivity market?

In mugiCloud we have designed and developed our own Hardware and Software, and this makes it easy for us to adapt quickly to changes and to the specific needs of our customers.

mugiCloud integrates in the same product plug & play passenger entertainment services (Wi-Fi, digital content), geolocation, fleet and driver optimization and remote vehicle diagnosis (OBD). mugiCloud allows passenger transport companies to know the behavior of their passengers (surveys), build loyalty and monetize their business thanks to the massive data collected from vehicles and processed on the platform of mugiCloud.

Currently in the European market there are more than 700 devices onboard and also, we are entering the LATAM market.


2. What are the advantages of MugiCloud in the tourism market?

mugiCloud tangibly brings benefits in connectivity, leisure and user experience for passengers, as well as improvements in safety and efficiency for the fleet of vehicles, routes and drivers.

It also has its 2.0 marketing platform and mugiads to monetize the Wi-Fi and multimedia service for passengers.


3. How do you think ETOA membership will help you achieve your business goals?

In mugiCloud we believe in business networks and synergies between companies that target the same sector. ETOA represents many companies in the tourist transport niche with partners from various countries around Europe, which is why we would like to offer our services and solutions to its members.

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mugiCloud CEO spotlight interview

Gustavo Pérez

CEO, mugiCloud

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