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Interview to Philip Huly, Chairman at Belarusian Touristic Union

1. Why have your decided to join ETOA?


Belarus is a rapidly developing destination. However, most of our tourists are coming to us from Russia. For this reason, we are trying to diversify tourist flows and attract more travelers from Western Europe. We expect our membership with ETOA to provide us with an opportunity to deliver more information about Belarus to our western colleagues.


2. What makes Belarus a unique destination?


Belarus is situated on the crossroads of Europe. It’s a borderland, a place where East meets West, where architecture styles, cultures and mentalities mix. Our country boasts both medieval castles and Soviet monuments, and all periods of our history are equally honored.


3. Why have you decided that this is the right time to address the European market?


Since 2017, the Belarusian government has been lifting numerous bureaucratic barriers, which prevented foreign tourists from visiting our country. Now Belarus is visa-free for nationals of a vast number of states, so this is the ideal time for us.

Philip Huly

Chairman, Belarusian Touristic Union

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