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Paris Security | Rome coach plan - 6 December

Paris security | Rome coach plan



Further to the ‘gilet jaune’ (yellow vest) demonstrations in Paris, the Paris Convention and Visitor Bureau have issued a statement ensuring the city’s tourist attractions, events and activities will go ahead as planned. A heightened presence of the police force reflects a determination to assure the safety of Parisians and visitors. Tourism safety and Paris’s continued appeal remains a top priority; see recent statement from Ville de Paris to tourism professionals.

More protests are planned for this Saturday 8th December. For more information about future demonstrations, click here. You can follow live updates on the Paris public transport here.

Further to our December update, we were given wrong information about the Paris car free day for 2019. It will be on Sunday 22nd September 2019 and not 21st as previously mentioned.


Roma Mobilita has released the launch date for the opening of the new permit booking system in Rome. This will be 17th December. Furthermore, their website has been updated with information and details about drop off points, how to purchase permits in zone A and B (single permits and carnets) as well as more information on how to apply for a permit to zone C. The information is in Italian. This document can serve as a visual guide.

ETOA are still awaiting the final court hearing on 13th December and are calling for a suspension of the plan until a better solution is found. We have recently published two Impact Surveys showing; the value and volume of 43 of ETOA’s members’ business in Rome as well as; the impact on itineraries and local businesses the coach plan will have. In November ETOA made a statement against the plan.

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