ETOA partners with CELTH on ‘overtourism’ and sustainable destination management

The Centre for Expertise, Leisure and Hospitality (CELTH) and ETOA (European Tourism Association) are pleased to announce a new industry partnership.

CELTH is the only centre of expertise in the sector of leisure, tourism and hospitality, in the Netherlands, bringing together experts and expertise from universities across the Netherlands.

Its international work on tourism – and urban tourism specifically – is conducted in conjunction with local and national Destination Management Organisations, as well as the UNWTO. This gives them a strong insight into the necessary data, processes and methodology behind sustainable destination management.

ETOA is a leading trade association for tour operators and suppliers in European destinations. Over 1200 members deliver more than €12 bn of business annually within Europe and include tour and online operators, intermediaries and wholesalers; European tourist boards, hotels, attractions, technology companies and other tourism and business service providers. ETOA has both lobbied on behalf of its members on issues around tourism capacity management and advised cities on tourism strategies.

CELTH will contribute their knowledge of demonstrated good practice as Professor Dr Albert Postma will join a keynote panel on Day 1 (6 March 2019 at 11.00 at the CityCube, Auditorium A1) of this year’s ITB: ‘Overtourism Revisited: Best Demonstrated Practices Instead Of “Business As Usual.’   Furthermore, they will host a subsequent session ‘Overtourism: Smart Control Via Digital Technologies’ in co-operation with UNWTO.

CELTH’s work closely matches ETOA’s work on sustainability and local engagement. ETOA’s members, whether they are operators selling European city cultural tourism in markets worldwide, or supply chain members – who include destination management organisations and national tourist offices – have a vested interest in ensuring cities remain appealing and viable places to live, work and visit and this is also at the heart of ETOA’s policy work.

Menno Stokman of CELTH said: “The key to success in sustainable development in tourism is to bring all interested stakeholders together both from within and outside the tourism industry. With its broad network, ETOA is an excellent partner for success as it can provide a comprehensive picture of the possibilities and constraints faced by the tourism industry.”

Tim Fairhurst, Secretary General of ETOA – European Tourism Association said: “As demand for tourism grows, so does the opportunity for product diversification and smart capacity management. This issue is in transition and we need to move on from principles we can all agree to, to actionable policy that makes sense for the community, visitors and industry. CELTH brings both rigour and imagination to their work on strategies for sustainable growth in the tourism sector. Every city has its own balance of needs and interests. We are delighted to partner with the team with experts across The Netherlands to develop our destination engagement.”