ETOA Webinar polling results

As of early June twelve webinars have been hosted since early April, often with around 200 participants at each event.  Those attending were asked a series of questions to help gauge the strength of particular concerns or to garner a view on likely market performance in the months ahead. 

While results are presented based on the webinar from which they were gathered it should be noted that respondents are not necessarily resident in that market, simply that they participated in the webinar about that market.  A further point worthy of note is that some will have participated in multiple webinars and therefore responded to the polls on multiple occasions. 

Economic worries, especially gaining access to financial support, was a key concern expressed regardless of which webinar was being attended, with typically two-thirds or more citing this as a concern. 

At each webinar when the audience was asked about industry recovery more than half reckoned that the industry would focus on the domestic or nearby markets, while relatively few felt that long-haul markets would be seeking out different products to those they enjoyed in the past.   

These findings are unsurprising when one looks at the findings from another question posed, as this revealed that not only were future travellers expected to be seeking less crowded destinations, but also that they will likely travel within their own country during the early stages of recovery.   

Perhaps reflecting the appetite for uncrowded destinations almost half of participants attending the Nordics webinar felt that the region may in fact seeing higher demand post-pandemic.   

In terms when audiences felt that Europe would be starting to welcome its first significant wave of visitors the answer was stark, with more than two-in-three saying this would not be before 2021. 

Link to ETOA webinar polling data