Make membership work for you

To make the most of membership, please book in for one of our regular ‘Member Drop-Ins’ below. They take 20-30 minutes and provide an opportunity to meet fellow members and put your question directly to the ETOA team.

For new members and old, ETOA’s online resources are designed to provide actionable information and valuable services that respond to changing circumstances and priorities. Drop-Ins cover these and other online features.

To ensure you get a return on your investment in membership, we encourage you to:

  1. Join a Drop-In
  2. Make sure you have your credentials to access the Members portal and gated pages of the website
  3. Keep your contact details and company description updated
  4. Share your knowledge of ETOA resources among colleagues in different departments
  5. Read our monthly Newsletters and Policy Updates for news on latest developments
  6. Contact your ETOA market manager or Membership Services team if you have any questions

Meet some of the team!

If you can’t find what you need, we are here to help.

Our Market Managers for France & Benelux, Spain & Portugal, Italy, and the Dach countries would be delighted to offer their support and guidance.

If you would like to be informed about our next drop-ins, please contact us.

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“Our ETOA membership has been incredibly worthwhile in 2020, and I credit ETOA 100% for keeping me sane with your fantastic webinars which kept us all up to date with market and destination developments, so once we start doing business again, we are aware of the trends that are emerging. I attended my first Virtual Conference with ETOA (City Fair) in 2020 and whilst I always have high expectations of an ETOA event, I was utterly amazed at how streamlined the whole day was – no clunky platform, no black screens or eternal waits for something to (re-)connect. We just went from appointment to appointment – just like we would have in real life. There are many organisations you only join because you want access to their membership database. ETOA is a membership you fiercely guard from budget cuts because it not only puts you in a (virtual) room with some of the important tour operators of this world – you also get unfailing support, access to world class research and the backing of a team, who genuinely wants to help me and my business to succeed.”

Caroline Achton Friis-Ellis, Business Development Manager UK/US