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ETOA’s new approach to Travel Technology and Digital Services


ETOA - European tourism association


16 Nov, 2017

We are pleased to announce some improvements in our approach to the digital arena, and how we help our members in this area. We have listened to feedback from both our Travel Technology and Digital Services members and the wider ETOA membership. Our members value expertise in digital and technology matters and would like greater access to this in the future. 

Having spoken with delegates at Showcase Digital, we have concluded that our traditional appointments-based workshop format does not work as well for travel technology. Instead we have opted for a series of smaller, more focussed events on key topics throughout the year, which will be free of charge to members. We will keep the Digital City Visitor conference as part of City Fair in June 2018, but this will be a networking and conference event with no pre-arranged appointments. We hope this will open the conference to a wider audience with an interest in this area.

We have identified the following areas of interest for 2018:

  • The digitisation of attractions and transport – its contribution to overcrowding solutions and improving the visitor experience
  • The impact of sharing economy platforms on city access and the accommodation sector
  • IT and technology challenges in difficult origin markets
  • Social media and working with digital influencers 
  • SEO and Google analytics
  • Building and refreshing your website
  • Hotel technology – one-stop-shop tools versus individual tools for revenue management, property management, etc 
  • Payment systems and cross-border selling
  • How to set up a CRM
  • GDPR – its implementation and compliance with the new legislation
  • Fraud prevention and cyber security

If any members would like to contribute to a seminar or webinar on these topics please contact our Head of Digital Trading, Rachel Read at We also welcome suggestions for any other areas of interest.

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