Pre-Membership FAQs

ETOA has built up an extensive buyer membership over 30 years and recognises that the challenges being faced by buyers as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on European tourism are extreme.  In order to ensure that as many buyers as possible can remain in membership whilst also creating opportunities for new buyer members to join our community and benefit from our support and supplier network, we have decided to make payment of buyer membership fees voluntary for 2021. 

Exactly that. Whilst we will confirm the value of your membership to you, the amount you pay – and contribute towards our work is up to you. You can pay for your membership in full, in part, in instalments or not at all. You will still be a valued member of ETOA. 

Our supplier members gain a clear commercial advantage through their membership of ETOA which gives them direct access to our extensive network of highquality buyers. Whilst membership fees have not been made voluntary for suppliers, we have introduced big new discounts for them at our workshops and events and increased our lobbying activities to specifically address some of the biggest operational challenges being faced by our suppliers. We value our buyer and supplier members equally along with the support we receive from our partners. 

If you are already a supplier member, you can add a ‘sister’ buyer membership at any time. This will be invoiced to you at £ 290 or EUR 300 for 2021 membership but this will be a voluntary contribution and you will not have to pay this amount unless you can/want to. Unfortunately, the primary supplier invoice will still need to be paid if you want to maintain your supplier membership. 

ETOA is committing its financial reserves to support tourism recovery across Europe by providing targeted support to our members.

Buyer membership of ETOA is only available to companies buying and packaging tourism services to one or more countries in Europe as the destination and selling them either directly or indirectly to the public. We welcome suitable operators and intermediaries of all kinds including tour operators, wholesalers, DMCs, OTAs and more. The only other criterion for membership is that our buyer members are organisations that our suppliers would want to do business with. Our diversity of membership and direct membership voice are our greatest strengths. 

Absolutely not. We recognise that the impact of COVID-19 has made it impossible for many of our buyer members to make a financial contribution to our work this year. But active participation in our work is an equally valuable contribution. This includes networking and doing business with our supplier members at our workshops and other events, contributing to our research activities and engaging fully as part of our ETOA community. Our direct membership model is vital to our ability to influence policymakers and membership of ETOA really allows your voice to be heard loud and clear by those that need to listen.

Certainly. We have always welcomed buyers of European tourism products and services from across the world, including those nearest to home. 

With the exception of GEM, all of our events and workshops are now online using our own Celestina video meeting platform. We have invested heavily in this technology which allows us to organise workshops that our members can join from anywhere in the world. 

We welcome member organisations of all sizes and are proud to have a large number of relatively small buyer members, who our suppliers love to work with as they tend to be specialists. As long as you share our vision for better tourism in Europe and you are the kind of business that our suppliers would like to talk to, then we’d love to welcome you. 

Of course. The strength of our buyer membership base is its diversity. So, if you are selling any type of European tourism product directly to the public or via agents/tour operators, we’d love to have you join. 

No. All buyer members have the same benefits regardless of whether they make a voluntary contribution or not. We are incredibly grateful to all our members that do make a contribution but equally respectful of all those simply cannot do so at this time. We are an inclusive community. 

Not at this time but we will review the situation through the summer of 2021 and keep members advised of any changes to our intentions. 

Great. We’re looking forward to showing you what you’ve been missing! Please follow this link to complete your initial enquiry form. Once we have undertaken a quick check to make sure you are eligible to join, we’ll send you a short application form and then you’ll be done! 

None. You are free to leave membership at any time in 2021 and there is no obligation to continue membership into 2022 unless you wish to do so. 

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