Experience Operation Market Garden and the Battle of Arnhem

Operation Market Garden became widely known thanks to the film A Bridge too Far. The film depicts how the Battle of Arnhem failed, and the city is not liberated. Nowadays, monuments and museums throughout the Arnhem region are dedicated to the military operation. Relive Operation market Garden and visit the famous bridge which is now named after Lieutenant Colonel John Frost.


Operation Market Garden
The year is 1944 and the war is raging at full force. During Operation Market Garden, tens of thousands of Allied paratroopers land in occupied territory in the Dutch province of Gelderland. Meanwhile, a ground army is advancing from the Belgian border.
What was supposed to be a quick victory for the Allies turns into one of their toughest defeats. Lieutenant Colonel John Frost and his men are the only ones to reach the bridge in Arnhem. They are carrying enough ammunition and provisions to last for two days, which is not enough for a hopeless struggle against the German supremacy.

[The advance to the German Ruhr area is halted. Arnhem turns out to be a bridge too far. The south of The Netherlands is largely liberated, but the north and middle remain occupied; also, the big cities in the west are facing a terrible famine.]

Airborne Museum Hartenstein
This museum tells the story of Operation Market Garden and the Battle of Arnhem. At the museum, you can go on an experience of the airborne landings and the days that followed. Stories of British, Polish and German soldiers come alive at Villa Hartenstein. The museum has a large collection of authentic weapons, documents and imagery. Even the location of the museum itself is significant. Villa Hartenstein, the building in which the museum is housed, was Major General Urquhart’s residence during the battle of Arnhem. History was written here!

Airborne Museum | Utrechtseweg 232, 6862 AZ Oosterbeek

parking for buses | guides | accessible | group rates

Airborne at the Bridge
This museum is a must for anyone looking for more information on Lieutenant Colonel John Frost and his men, and their final mission at the bridge near Arnhem. Airborne at the Bridge is located right next to the John Frost Bridge in Arnhem. The personal accounts of British lieutenant John Grayburn, German Hauptsturmführer Viktor Eberhard Gräbner and Dutch Captain Jacob Groenewoud are presented at this unique location. All three men fought here during the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944.

Airborne at the Bridge | Rijnkade 150, 6811 HD Arnhem

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Oosterbeek War Cemetery
Seeing the 1530 war graves at the Airborne Oosterbeek War Cemetery is moving. A visit to the cemetery puts the cost of our freedom into perspective.

Airborne War Cemetery Oosterbeek | Van Limburg Stirumweg, 6861 WL Oosterbeek

parking for buses | accessible | free entrance

Air force museums
The AVOG’s Crash Museum and the WO2 & Vliegeniersmuseum Rivierenland (WWII & Aviation Museum Rivierenland region) are a must for everyone interested in air force operations. The AVOG’s Crash Museum in Lievelde has many parts of aircraft that crashed in the region, such as engines, propellers, flight equipment and on-board weapons. At the WO2 & Vliegeniersmuseum Rivierenland (WWII & Aviation Museum Rivierenland region) in Vuren, aerial battles over the region are the main theme. Footage, historical documents and photographs tell us what happened in the airspace here. A lot of attention is paid to the aviator’s personal stories by showing their personal belongings, among other things.

AVOG’s Crash Museum | Europaweg 34, Lievelde
WO2 & Vliegeniersmuseum Rivierenland | Waaldijk 29, Vuren

Ginkel Heath
Ginkel Heath is the landing ground of the Airborne Regiment. There is a memorial for the fallen paratroopers, and every year on the third weekend of September there is a commemoration with a re-enactment by hundreds of paratroopers.

Ginkel Heath | Verlengde Arnhemseweg 97, Ede

Every year there are many commemorative events in which the history of Operation Market Garden is central. In September, the airborne landings are commemorated with hundreds of parachute jumps on the Ginkel Heath, Arnhem commemorates its WWII history with the Bridge to Liberation Experience and every day in Nijmegen there is a Sunset March in honour of the victims of the Waal crossing.

View the complete calendar here.

For more information on Operation Market Garden and the historical sites on Gelderland Remembers visit gelderlandremembers.com.

Visiting World War II sites in Gelderland
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Photos: Jurjen Drenth, Herman Stöver et al.

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