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In over 25 years, ETOA has achieved a level of authority and expertise in the tour operator and incoming European tourism sector

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ETOA 2020 Strategy

ETOA’s purpose is to provide a vibrant network for the European tourism industry, both in origin markets and in destinations, with a programme of events and services to match. We represent the supply chain throughout Europe and buyers worldwide. 

Our current focus is to further the international range of our membership, building on our base in continental Europe, the UK and Ireland. Our initial priority destinations are Italy and Spain, inbound markets where tourism’s role as source of jobs and growth is significant. This is in immediate response to demand from our growing buyer network in emerging markets, especially China and India. We represent all sectors of the industry.

To enable us to provide you with more information about prospective business partners, we are mapping members’ interests and activities. 

We are developing our programme of Masterclasses in destinations to highlight the value of the international travel trade, and increase understanding of the value of inbound tourism. As the digital marketplace develops so too will our offer, through Showcase Digital and other activities. 

For more information about ETOA in your region, please send an email by clicking here or call +44 (0) 20 7290 1207