ETOA invites to register for GEM 2020 in full confidence that business meetings will be arranged in support of your commercial development. In 2020 GEM will be delivered in hybrid format; delegates can attend in person at the venue in London or elect to join meetings online via our dedicated platform.

  • At registration you will be asked to confirm your intention to attend in person or join online, this can be changed up until 30th September – please contact us if you need to change your arrangements.
  • Buyer desks will be assigned as usual – each desk will be equipped with a dedicated iPad ready to deliver any online meetings.
  • Cross-reference the different ways of joining using the table below:
Buyer at Venue Buyer Joining Online
Supplier at Venue  Buyer and supplier meet in person at assigned desk. Supplier attends assigned desk, joins meeting via dedicated console – where buyer will be ready via video link.
Supplier Joining Online Buyer uses dedicated console at their desk to connect with supplier.  uyer and supplier connected via online platform
  • If you select to join online you will need to test your computer’s specifications:
  • Check your computer has necessary requirements here . Click ‘START’, after the test there should be no elements highlighted in red, items in amber are ok, just not optimal – contact for more information.
  • Check your compatibility and security settings by testing the video platform here.
  • Recommend a physical internet connection (I.e not via 3/4/5G or WIFI)
  • Internet connection should be min 600kbps download/upload
  • Working speakers, microphone and a webcam
  • Recommend desktop or laptop computer (i.e not suitable for mobile devices)
  • Recommend using Chrome browser (JavaScript must not be manually disabled)

This video demonstrates the ease with which your appointments will be delivered and you will also find below more details:

  • On the day of the event you will access the browser-based platform.
  • Your agenda will be ready on the platform, details of your matches will be provided.
  • During the welcome, breaks and throughout the entire day there will be a broadcast from ETOA, sponsors and other contributors.   
  • Technical assistance will be on hand throughout the day.  


  • When appointments start you will be connected automatically to your meeting.
  • Your agenda and meeting details will be on the left, the video call on your right.
  • Typical video call functions are available, including full screen mode, text chat and screen sharing.
  • You will be counted down to your next appointment. You can end a meeting early.
  • The schedule on the left will note completed meetings. In order to facilitate your follow-up the contact details of your meeting will appear.


  • Up-to-date protocols will be abided by
  • Hand sanitiser provided throughout venue
  • The workshop floorplan will permit greater distancing between delegates
  • The catering arrangements will be provided in the safest possible way
  • The appointment selection process is the same for delegates attending in-person or online.
  • Approx. one month before the event you will be invited to submit your appointment preferences – you will select and rank the top 15 companies with whom you would like to be assigned a meeting.
  • Once all delegates have submitted their preferences, the appointment system will generate your appointment schedule.
  • Provisional appointment lists will be sent to you approx. 1 week before the event, in order to prepare for your meetings. The final appointment list will be shared a few days before the event.

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