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Business Summit - Launch of the 2018 EU-China Tourism Year

The EU-China Tourism Year 2018 will launch in Venice in January 2018 with an Institutional Event and Business Summit. You are invited to apply to attend the business summit who's focus and theme is EU-China cooperation.  

In 2016, Chinese arrivals into the EU reached 8.2 million; the market have has doubled in size over the previous five years. Visitors to Europe represent about one-quarter of all Chinese long-haul outbound; and as demand for Europe grows at a faster rate than outbound, Europe’s share of the Chinese market has been rising.

The Chinese market is expected to grow by 56% in the period to 2021, a notable slowing in level of growth seen over the previous five years. This will generate a potential 5.7 million additional Chinese visitors into Europe by 2021.



09:15 Live streaming of the institutional event from Palazzo Ducale

A live stream of the political-level Institutional Opening of the EU-China 2018 Tourism Year will be shown at the Business Summit. 


High level free-flow networking

European operators will host tables and Chinese operators will move between them.  Meetings will be facilitated through Poken. With this app the consortium will pre-load all the known delegate details prior to the event.


13:00 Business lunch

After lunch, coffee and tea will be served in the Wagner Museum.


14:30 Summit Opening Plenary session

Welcoming speeches

  • Elzbieta Bienkowska -Commissioner
  • Jinzao Li – CNTA Chairman
  • Luca Zaia – President Veneto Region


14:25 The future of China-EU air connectivity: Aeroporti di Roma & Finnair

The growth in the flow of visitors between the EU and China is wholly contingent on increasing air capacity and extending connectivity. Finnair identified China as a crucial market twenty years ago, and has built up Finland as a principal hub for inbound Chinese visitors. Rome airports have dramatically increased the number of flights to China, and transformed their ability to welcome Chinese guests.

The objective of this session will be to explore how best to facilitate Chinese visitor arrivals and how route networks may assist the access to more remote and less visited parts of Europe. Given that the number of Chinese visitors is set more than to double in the period.


14:55 Producing and promoting “one stop” travel services: Ctrip & Value Retail

The goal of this session is to provide best-practice case studies in appropriately packaging travel services for the Chinese market and to inspire new approaches in product development.


15:15 Breakaway sessions

Five rooms will be set aside for speaker to informally conduct focussed conversations with the high-level audience; answer questions and for the guests to create investment opportunities with each other. Each session will be hosted by a major sponsor, but we could designate for each breakaway session one junior sponsor or most promising company for future synergies to make an introductory statement.

The 5 Breakaway session are as follows:

  • Transport connectivity issues
  • Producing & promoting ‘one stop’ travel services
  • Digital tools for tomorrow’s tourism
  • Accommodating universal diversity
  • Developing tailor-made cultural tourism itineraries


16:20 New Mobile Applications for travellers: UnionPay

China leads the world in the use of mobile technology.  The purpose of this session will be to explore the extent to which shopping will remain a major draw for Chinese visitors. It will also concentrate of the importance of co-operation between European and Chinese operators in the sector of technology, finance and retail.


Accommodating universal diversity: AccorHotels & Welcome Chinese

Clients’ needs in future will change: what these changes are, and how they will be met will be one topic. Another will be the extent to which visitors expect “authentic” European hospitality, and how far they need home comforts adapted to their needs. 

The outcome of this discussion will be an understanding of how on the one hand visitors want comfort and familiarity, but on the other travel for novelty and authenticity. We will also seek answers as to how this gap might be bridged.


17:20 Closing Speeches
  • Antonio Tajani – President EP
  • Dai Bin – President of CTA
  • Luigi Brugnaro – Mayor of Venice
17:45 Violin Demo with Stradivarius
18:00 Drinks reception






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