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City Tourism Seminars at WTM. Session Two: Tourists Out!

  • Date: 5 Nov, 2014
  • Location: South Gallery 21-22, WTM London, ExCel
  • Contact: Nick Greenfield
  • Email:

City Tourism Seminars at WTM

ETOA is running two seminars this year on City Tourism, looking at how people visit cities in 2014 and what does the rise of anti-tourism in some destinations mean for the industry.

Some city destinations have seen the rise of anti-tourism. There are citizens who are concerned that their neighbourhoods are being occupied by tourists, that their character is being changed beyond recognition and that too much housing is becoming holiday accommodation. But are they right to single out tourism and should they be wary of getting what they wish for? This session will examine how tourism is viewed in different cities across Europe, what the real challenges are for destinations and asks how they might achieve the right balance between locals’ and visitors’ needs.


Points of discussion include:


  • How does tourism change a city, for good and for bad
  • Does tourism have an image problem in some destinations
  • How aware are populations (and policy makers) of the economic importance of tourism
  • What role should the travel industry play in responding to these concerns
  • To what extent is it possible to integrate tourism into the everyday life of a city



  • Hans Dominicus, Director, CELTH
  • Tom Jenkins, CEO, ETOA
  • Contributions from Eduardo Chibas, director of the documentary ‘Bye, Bye Barcelona’ and Nana Rebhan, director of the documentary ‘Welcome, Goodbye’.