23 July 2019 | While best efforts have been made to verify the accuracy of the information, it should be used as guidance only. If you have updated information please contact policy@etoa.org.

19 August 2019 | Page has been updated with information regarding the Colosseum guide pass.

6 September 2019 | Page has been updated with information about limited group size at the Vatican Museum from 4 November 2019.

19 September 2019 | Page has been updated with information about next consultation phase on Futouroma

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New Urban Police Regulations

July, 2019

Rome city council has updated existing legislation that dates back to 1946 with the objective of improving city life for residents and tourists. Reports have been made that the legislation is being enforced and fines have been imposed. The official legislation can be found here and here.

Violations may impose a temporary ban from the area and a fine from €50-450. We encourage members to pass on the information to their clients to avoid fines.

August, 2019

Members have reported that contracted guides providing pre-booked guided tours of the Colosseum are being approached outside the Colosseum by the local police to check that they have not sold the tickets on the street, which is now illegal. The police may request a list of participants for proof. We recommend members to carry necessary paperwork with them to avoid unnecessary disruption of the tour.

  • Jumping into water fountains 
  • Walking around bare-chested 
  • Attaching ‘love padlocks’ 
  • Messy eating around historic monuments 
  • Touching the metal spout of public water fountains when drinking from them 
  • Illegal street-trading and ticket-touting outside tourist sites  
  • Organised pub crawls 
  • Advertising “skip-the-line” tours outside historic monuments 
  • Take prams and suitcases up or down historic steps (such as the Spanish steps) 


The tourist tax (tassa/imposta di soggiorno) is an overnight accommodation tax levied to visitors.

Please click on the right hand banner to find out rates and further information.  

Access and Mobility

New coach access regulation for Rome began in January 2019, despite vigorous efforts, including legal challenge, to oppose the plan.

The new system includes limited access for coaches to the archaeological centre. Only 30 coaches per day are allowed to enter on a 60-minute permit and only if this is to drop off guests at a hotel within the new zone C. Furthermore, the geographic area coaches will need permits for has been expanded compared to 2018.

The city has been divided into three zones (A, B and C) and permits have increased to over 10 depending on permit type and access needs.

Roma Mobilità’s website contains information about booking procedure, restrictions etc.

Widespread implementation problems have continued in 2019, including contradictory information from local authorities. Our current understanding is that their FAQ page is updated frequently including information regarding access to Gianicolo drop-off point.

To oppose the plan ETOA released several statements, press releases and impact surveys (see Media section). We will continue to focus on practical information and support, and continued lobbying. If you have any questions regarding the new scheme, or if you have experienced issues communicating with the local authorities, please contact us.

Update June 2019: In January, when the new coach plan commenced, ETOA contacted Roma Mobilita with a range of questions regarding operational challenges of the plan. We have now received a response. Please click here to read it (in Italian).

Rome is connected by local buses, trams and three metro lines A (orange), B (blue) and C (green). The A and B metro lines meet at Termini (central station). Line A has stops near the Vatican, the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps while line B stops at attractions like the Colosseum and The Pyramid of Cestius. Line C connects Rome to the eastern suburbs. The metro lines do not reach areas such as Piazza Navona and Pantheon in the archaeological zone.

The tram network in Rome has six lines and mainly covers the suburbs.

Local buses can be used to reach the archaeological zone. Please see ATAC’s map for more information regarding local bus lines covering this area.

Tickets can be bought at local Tabac shops as well as station ticket counters and ticket machines. More information regarding buses, metro, trams and tickets can be found at ATAC’s website.

Public transport planner can be found here.

Coaches must meet Euro 3 with particulate filter emission standard to access the city (within A90 and E80 ring road). From 2021, the minimum requirement will be Euro 4 with particulate filter.

Live traffic information can be found here.


These attractions are selected due to high demand and/or operational issues. If you think we should include others, please contact policy@etoa.org.

Attractions in Italy outside of Rome can be found here.

Attractions in Venice can be found here.

Attractions in Florence can be found here.

If you are a member attraction of ETOA and would like your attraction featured on this page, please contact policy@etoa.org.


To book group tickets for the Vatican museum, please follow this link.

2020 ticket prices for the Vatican museum and Ville Pontificie are now available and can be found here:

To apply to become a Tour Operator with accreditation, please contact help.musei@scv.va. It has been reported that an ETOA membership certificate may assist with the accreditation process. If you do not have one, please contact info@etoa.org.

The current practice is that the museum allows up to a 20% increase to groups on the day, subject to availability. If numbers are lower than originally booked, only the booking fee will be charged.

Opening hours

General opening hours can be found here. This page includes information about temporary and extraordinary closures, which are sometimes only announced with very short notice. A full calendar for 2019 opening and closing times is found here. Opening hours are expected to be extended in 2021 by one hour in the afternoon, though this has not yet been confirmed. Every Wednesday St. Peter’s Basilica is closed for visitors due to the papal audience.

Overall capacity is fixed at 35,000 per day.


Vatican has announced new rules for group bookings, in effect from 04 November 2019. Announcement for Tour Operators here, letter sent to accredited guides and educational operators here. Changes include:

  • Group size limited to 37 pax per group (from current 50) excluding local guide
  • Opening of ticket reservations has changed from 24:00 midnight to 12:00 noon Italian time.

We have been in contact with the museum to clarify the new regulation and to understand the reasons for this change. The changes are based on feedback and complaints from visitors, operators and the media. The changes are a part of a larger project to improve the conditions for visitors, which over time should include installation of AC in the museum.

It has been confirmed by the museum that they still provide 20% flexibility regarding the group size on top of the 37.

ETOA Update September, 2019: Members have reported that due to the new group booking limits from November, the group booking system only allows to book groups up to 37 pax for September and October. We have been in contact with the museum and they confirm that it is still possible to book up to 50 pax in September and October. This is a glitch in the system. Operators are advised to contact the museum directly if they experience any issues.

The museum would like to hear your feedback and we have agreed with them to pass on any feedback we receive from our members. Please contact policy@etoa.org.

To book tickets for the Colosseum, please follow this link.

For tour operators interested in becoming a Grandi Clienti or looking to speak to the groups department, please follow this link to learn more.

If operators need to add additional tickets to their reservations, more tickets are be released three months, one months, 7 days and 1 day before the time of the reservation.

If tickets are available for the specific time slot, they can be added either online (3 months to 8 days prior) or by contacting the call centre 7-1 day before the date of the reservation.

Ticket updates for 2019:

  • The basic ticket for Colosseum, Forum & Palatino will increase from €12 to €16 from 01 November 2019. From 01 July 2019 this ticket is only valid for 24 hours compared to previous 48 hours.
  • A Forum & Palatine ticket is now available which costs €16. The Colosseum is not included but there are a number of other sites inside Palatine and Forum which are normally off limits which is included. It has been designed for the more in-depth tourism.
  • The Full Experience ticket including Colosseum, Forum & Palatino (including normal off-limit sites as above) is €22 and valid for 48 hours.

The hourly capacity for the Colosseum is 3,000 pax. Up to 90% of all tickets are sold via their B2B platform. 10% of the tickets are reserved for individual visitors.

August, 2019

If accredited local guides would like free access, they can apply for the 2019/2020 permit here. The cost is €20. According to our understanding older cards are still valid until mid-November 2019.

Information opening hours can be found here. Tickets are booked for specific time slots of two hours. 375 visitors are allowed per time slot.

From 01 August 2019 the conditions for guided group bookings have changed and following rules will be in place:

  • A fee of €70 for guided groups of 5-15 people is applicable.
  • Maximum 5 groups are allowed per time slot (maximum 75 group visitors).
  • Group bookings must be done minimum three weeks in advance via phone or email.
  • Groups booked before the new regulations were introduced will not be excluded.
  • Headset rental is mandatory for groups (+ €1.50 pp).
  • School groups are excluded from the new regulations.

More information can be found here.

In July ETOA met with the ticket operator to understand the new regulation. It has been introduced as groups are experienced as a nuisance and are taking up to many spaces from the overall allocation. The ticket operator have received many complaints from operators, but the decision was made by the director of the gallery, with whom we are trying to connect.

We will continue to work with attractions and destinations and lobby for longer notice period, better industry consultation and better and equal conditions for tourism professionals. 

Guiding regulation

Italy regulates both guida turistica and accompagnatore turistico and defines them in such a way that their activities are mutually exclusive.

If you would like to read more about guiding regulations in Italy, please follow this link.

Please click on the right hand banner to read more about guiding regulations in Europe and the ETOA tour guide ID card. 

Public holidays and opening hours

On 29 June every year, Romans celebrate the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul with many businesses and public offices being closed as this is a local public holiday. The day is normally celebrated by the Catholic church and festivities around the city include entertainment of different types as well as fireworks (usually commencing 21:30) and fairs.

Public transport and access may be affected.

1 January New Year’s Day
6 January Epiphany
25 April Liberation from Nazi-fascism
Between 22 March and 25 April Easter Monday
1 May Labour Day
2 June Republic Day
1 November All Saints
8 December Immaculate Conception
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Saint Stephen

More information can be found here.

Events and seasonality

Euro 2020 football tournament will partly be held in Rome at The Olympic Stadium (12/06/20 – 04/07/20).

ETOA activity

ETOA’s local Country Representative Tini Gattazzo and Market Manager Manuela Saccone are focusing on developing the local membership base as well as our relationship with local authorities, attractions and other stakeholders.

On 18 July 2019 ETOA held a drinks reception at Residenza di Ripetta celebrating ETOA’s 30th anniversary. At the same time ETOA held its first working group meeting in Rome with participants from local member companies. If you would like to hear more or become involved, please contact policy@etoa.org.

In February 2020, ETOA will hold its first Italy focused B2B networking event, VIVA in Rome.

Tini Gattazzo

Tini Gattazzo
Country representative, Italy
+39 320 069 5112

Flag Italy
Manuela Saccone

Manuela Saccone
Market Manager, Italy & Malta
+44 20 7307 0830

Flag Italy

Resources & Tourism strategy

The City of Rome has recently launched its work and consultation process about its new tourism plan Futouroma 2019-2025 . This has included town hall meetings, a consultation process and presentations.

  • 03 June 2019; Rome held an afternoon town hall meeting presenting the plan.
  • 05 June 2019; Rome held a conference/consultation regarding the future of tourism in the city. A detailed report about the event here.
  • 25 September 2019, 10:00 am: Deadline to submit a request to participate in next consultation phase held 3-7 October 2019. More information here.
  • 13 November 2019; Rome will present its findings from the consultation process and further strategy at La Nuvola Convention Center. Contact turismo@comune.roma.it / Tel. +39 06 671071651 regarding information about registration and the event itself. ETOA will attend this meeting.

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