23 July 2019 | While best efforts have been made to verify the accuracy of the information, it should be used as guidance only. If you have updated information please contact policy@etoa.org.

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Disruption due to public demonstrations continues on Saturdays, and on the days in question some program adaptation may be required.

Please follow this link for the latest updates on demonstrations announced.

The Préfecture de Paris publishes news of traffic control measures here.


The tourist tax (taxe de séjour) is an overnight accommodation tax levied to visitors.

Please click on the right hand banner to find out rates and further information.  

Access and Mobility

Information about access and parking for private vehicles can be found in the below drop-down menus.

Link to Paris’ public transport (RATP) can be found here.

Private vehicles must purchase and display a Crit’Air air quality sticker to show the vehicle’s emission standard.

Below are current air quality restrictions and future plans.

Coach restrictions listed
(other modes of transport may differ see here)
Central Paris
low emission zone (ZCR)

(zone à circulation restreinte)
Greater Paris
low emission zone (ZFE)

(zone à faibles missions)
Area of zone within Boulevard Périphérique ring road within A86 ring road plus small area beyond see map
Time of Operation 8am-8pm
7 days a week
7 days a week
From July 2019 Require at least Crit’Air sticker 3
(in effect a coach needs to be at least Euro 5 / registered from 1 Oct 2009)
Require at least Crit’Air sticker 4
(in effect a coach needs to be at least Euro 4 / registered from 1 Oct 2006)
From July 2021 Require at least Crit’Air sticker 3
(in effect a coach needs to be at least Euro 5 / registered from 1 Oct 2009)
From Jan 2022 Require at least Crit’Air sticker 2
(in effect a coach needs to be at least Euro 6 / registered from 1 Jan 2014)
From July 2022 Require at least Crit’Air sticker 2
(in effect a coach needs to be at least Euro 6 / registered from 1 Jan 2014)
From Jan 2024 Require at least Crit’Air sticker 1
(in effect all diesel coaches will be banned)
From July 2024 Require at least Crit’Air sticker 1
(in effect all diesel coaches will be banned)

N.B. When ozone pollution thresholds are exceeded (seen here), temporary vehicle restrictions are automatically implemented and in addition to the permanent low emission zones above. This is announced by the Préfecture de Paris here and the vehicles affected must then conform to at least Crit’Air 2 standard. However, tourist coaches are exempt from this temporary restriction but still must conform to the standard set by the permanent low emission zones.

Below are links to live traffic information for Paris:

Future road closures announced here.

Private road traffic is banned in some Central Paris districts/arrondissements on weekends and public holidays. Details here as times vary per district/arrondissement.

Once a year, private road traffic is banned in all of Central Paris (within Boulevard Périphérique ring road) known as ‘journée sans voiture’. In 2019, this will be on 22 September. Details here and FAQ. Sightseeing buses are allowed to operate.

A coach parking pass ‘Pass Autocar’ is compulsory and can be purchased here. The pass allows coaches to park in coach parks and in designated parking spaces. Rates increase by inflation every year (approx. 1-2%). The Paris Convention and Visitor Bureau (OTCP) has published a summary of the scheme here.


These attractions are selected due to high demand and/or operational issues. If you think we should include others, please contact policy@etoa.org.

Weekly closing days of cultural sites in Paris can be found here.

For a list of cultural site closures in 2019 and 2020, please follow this link.

Information about group bookings and opening hours can be found here.

Operators can open an account by visiting this page. To book tickets, click here.

Louvre is closed on Tuesdays.

Free entry to the Louvre is permitted Saturday night before the first Sunday of each month.

Groups over 25 are not allowed and groups between 7 to 25 people must pay a visit fee (€70) in addition to the entrance fee corresponding to the number of paying participants. These tickets must be presented jointly on the day of the visit.

The entrance fee for participants can be purchased online up to the corresponding visiting time. The person in charge of the group must present themselves at the reception of the groups under the Pyramid to validate their right of visit.

ETOA Update, July 2019: Since the opening of tickets for the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in June, the museum has introduced a new online booking system shared with the general public. Operators are experiencing online waiting times up to one hour, including if tickets need amendments. It is believed the waiting time will reduce when the exhibition has finished (24 October 2019 – 24 February 2020). 

ETOA Update, July 2019: Due to renovation works at the Louvre, the portrait of Mona Lisa will be moved from the Salle des Etats to a different section of the gallery from 17 July until the renovation finishes around mid-October 2019. The temporary exhibition room will be in the Medici Gallery, located on the 2nd floor of the Richelieu wing in room 801. The new location may increase visit time for guests who wish to see the portrait. More information can be found here in their press release. 

ETOA Update, June 2019: It is still proving to be difficult bringing groups to the museum. Regulations are unclear and contradictory. We are trying to identify the right contact at the museum after a recent change.

Information regarding tickets and opening hours can be found here.

Direct access to travel trade tickets can only happen through one of the Grands Clients. There are currently five companies with access.

It is the strategy of the Eiffel Tower to focus more on individual clients than group business. They closed the group ticket counter in 2018 and tickets must be collected at the main ticket counter, queuing with individuals.

There is only one lift operating at the Eiffel Tower. This is expected until early 2020.

The area surrounding the Eiffel Tower (Trocadéro gardens and Champ-de-Mars) will be refurbished in the years up to the 2024 Olympics.  Please follow this link to read more about the project.

Due to the fire in Notre Dame on 15 April 2019 the church is closed for all visitors until further notice. Parvis Notre Dame Place Jean-Paul II (the square in front of the church) is open for visitors.

Please click here for more information.

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau (OTCP) is working with tourism stakeholders and institutional bodies to support and promote Paris and welcome visitors in the best conditions.

OTCP has published the following information:

Our concierge service is on hand to help you to re-programme the activities of Tour Operators and other stakeholders and advise your customers so that their stay remains a memorable one. Our teams can be contacted on +33 1 49 52 42 63, from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and on Saturday from 9.30am to 5.30pm, and at our information office on 29 rue de Rivoli every day from 10am to 7pm (last entry 6.45pm).

Our website www.parisinfo.com and our social networks @parisjetaime will keep you informed in real time about the re-opening of the Île de la Cité and its monuments as well as any eventual modifications to services by our partners (cruise companies, sightseeing bus operators).

ETOA Update July, 2019: Operators are still facing difficulties regarding drop-off and pick-up points in the area. The City of Paris is aware and they are looking into possible solutions.

Information about B2B tickets for the Montparnasse Tower Observation Deck can be found here.

ETOA update, June 2019: Despite previous plans, the Observation Deck will NOT close in 2020 for renovations.

Guiding regulation

In France, guiding is a regulated profession and a licence is needed to be able to provide guiding services in national museums and monuments.

Guided tours of a commercial nature offered outside these areas are not regulated in France. The regulation can be found in the French tourism code regulation L. 221-1.

You can read more about the regulation on the European Commission’s website, and more about the legal status of guiding in the EU here.

In practice, tour guides will not experience interference from officials or other guides. Should any incidents occur, please advise us: tourguide@etoa.org

Please click on the right hand banner to read more about guiding regulations in Europe and the ETOA tour guide ID card. 

Public holidays and opening hours

1 January New Year’s Day
Between 22 March and 25 April Easter Monday
1 May Labour Day
8 May 1945 Victory Day
40 days after Easter Ascension Day
14 July Bastille Day
15 August Assumption Day
1 November All Saints’ Day
11 November 1918 Armistice
25 December Christmas Day

Museums and monuments are likely to be closed on 1 January, 1 May and 25 December. More information about public holidays can be found here.

Events and seasonality

Major cultural and sporting events

Bastille day  Yearly 14 July
Tour de France 28 July 2019
Air Show June 2021
Paris Summer Olympics 26 July to 11 August 2024

Further information on French and Parisian festivals can be found here. Some may cause disruption to travel and access.

ETOA activity

ETOA’s local Country Representative Maria Hutter and Market Manager Yamin Saadi are focusing on developing the local membership base as well as our relationship with local authorities, attractions and other stakeholders.

ETOA has a Paris working group composed of local member companies. For further information about the working group, please email the team at policy@etoa.org.

ETOA holds regular drinks receptions in Paris for local members and non-members. Our latest event was in March 2019 at La Bonne Franquette, celebrating ETOA’s 30th anniversary.

Furthermore, we have regular meetings with local stakeholders including the transport department, Mairie de Paris, the Police, CRT and OTCP.

Maria Hutter

Maria Hutter
Country representative, France
+33 767 746 413

France flag Flag Spain
Yamine Saadi

Yamin Saadi
Maket Manager, France & Benelux
+44 20 3325 5010

France flag


Paris tourism strategy towards 2022 can be found here.

City tourism: Operators update

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