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Latest page updates:

29 May 2020 | Job retention ‘furlough’ scheme updated in United Kingdom section which includes factsheet on new changes such as employer contribution, part time working and final date to furlough an employee for the first time.
27 May 2020 |
The European Commission has published new guidance on passenger rights and package travel in relation to their recent recommendations: see the 26.05.20 FAQ document in the European Commission section below.

– See lower down this page for resources by country covering government financial support, travel restrictions and official health guidance.
– Information on the Package Travel Directive can be found in the ETOA and European Union sections.
– An overview of travel restrictions and other national containment measures can be found in these sections: EU (map), OECD (map) and IATA (map).
– Planned dates on museums re-opening by country can be found in NEMO section.
– ETOA’s webinar programme can be found on our Hub page


ETOA is working hard to ensure European tourism receives the attention it needs during the crisis, to support our members day-to-day, to share information and resources, and to work towards a strong recovery. This page is updated regularly as destinations and government bodies issue new information.

We recognise that the immediate priority is commercial survival so that travel and tourism can play a vital part in the recovery, adding jobs to the economy faster than any other sector. That requires urgent and continued government help. Next, business needs information so it can plan and prioritise effectively.

Tourism in Europe will survive and thrive, and it may be very different. Recovery will take place with renewed respect for how interdependent our world has become. How we look after and share what we most value – communities, cities, countryside and culture – will drive policy, and stimulate new products and services.

Policy makers and the private sector must collaborate to build a resilient and sustainable future for the industry. ETOA and its members will be at the heart of it.

What are we doing?

PR and Lobbying at EU and national level for urgent financial support

  • Cash-flow is King: flexibility needed to help business cope
  • Crisis support must be simple to access and delivered quickly
  • Initiatives to stimulate recovery must be well-targeted to deliver maximum impact
  • ETOA is regularly asked for comment and expert insight

Industry engagement

  • We hold frequent meeting via video-conference with representative groups of members in various destinations and contact members direct.
  • We maintain dialogue with policy makers, DMOs and key attractions, including those holding large pre-payments.
  • We aggregate actual business impact and current priorities per market to support targeted lobbying activity.
  • We stay in close touch with our network in origin markets, monitoring for signs of recovery and consumer trends.

Information and resources

  • We are available for guidance and support. If we don’t have the answer we may know someone who does. Please email to request a call-back.
  • We have a programme of webinars focusing on crisis impact, support and recovery plans for origin markets and destinations.
  • We contribute member insight and market intelligence to a range of webinars and policy meetings with industry stakeholders and other institutions.
  • We monitor official information and resources and publish links to government financial support, travel restrictions and health information (see below).



Below are links to information about government financial support, travel restrictions and health information, and related expertise and policy statements issued since the start of the outbreak. These are updated regularly.

Note on content: Public health and travel restrictions remain matters of national regulatory competence. We recognise that, as a result, the business environment is made more challenging due to the divergence of guidelines and advice available. Where possible, we have listed government or government agency websites.

Destinations that have public or industry guidance they wish to share should contact

Multinational resources

Homepage on COVID-19

  • Updated daily: Overview (map) of cross-border and internal travel restrictions, other containment measures and government financial support for approximately 50 countries worldwide.
  • 15.04.20: COVID-19: Tourism Policy Responses: examples of government tourism policy and industry impact
  • European Commission
    • Updated daily: Overview (map) of cross-border and internal travel restrictions and other containment measures for 35 European countries.
    • Updated daily: List of the temporary border controls between Schengen countries. Further information on the controls can be found here which includes other measures restricting people movement and the operation of transport services.
    • 26.05.20: FAQs on passenger rights and package travel
    • 13.05.20: Tourism and Transport package published (+summary) comprising:
      • Commission strategy for recovery in 2020 and beyond
      • Recommendation on issuing of vouchers as a result of cancelled package travel and transport services which aims to make vouchers an attractive alternative to cash reimbursement for consumers
      • Guidance to member states on lifting border controls between EU member states
      • Guidance to member states on operation of transport services
      • Guidance to member states on developing health protocols for hospitality establishments
      • Guidelines (+Q&A) on cross-border interoperability of tracing apps agreed by member states with support from the Commission.
    • 21.04.20: Joint European Roadmap towards lifting COVID-19 containment measures
    • 09.04.20: Commissioner Reynders’ call to member states for respect of consumer protection and support to travel and tourism businesses for package travel holidays.
    • 19.03.20: Information on application of the Package Travel Directive (PTD) (2015/2302/EU) covering both EU travellers’ and operators’ cancellation rights. For temporary amendments to the application by country see ETOA section.
    • 18.03.20: Guidelines on EU transport passenger rights.
    • 13.03.20: Coordinated economic response to the COVID-19. Outbreak (COM(2020)112 final)
    • 10.03.20: European Commission press release on response

Updates per country on border restrictions and which persons are permitted to enter a country.

Research and Resources

26.02.2020: Dragon Trail held an online summit about crisis and resilience, in Chinese. You can find a summary in English of the event here.

28.04.2020 (last update): Summary of countries cancellation and refund policies varying the application of the Package Travel Directive (PTD) across Europe. Further information on PTD can be found in the European Union section.

17.03.2020: ETOA joined its partners in the European Manifesto for Tourism to call upon the European Commission and national governments to swiftly implement supportive measures for the industry. For more information, see Tourism Manifesto

Homepage on COVID-19 concerning European Aviation including updates on border restrictions.

April 2020: Report in partnership with TOPOSOPHY, providing a recommendations checklist for DMOs to respond and recover from COVID-19, including examples of current initiatives from DMOs

Homepage on COVID-19 including examples of good practice by tourism boards

Overview (map) by country on planned dates to re-open museums

30.03.20: Oxford Economics report on APAC demand and possible recovery scenarios

09.04.20: Report on COVID-19 related policy shifts supportive of travel and tourism sector for 23 worldwide countries.

European destinations and source markets

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Tourism Boards and Agencies on COVID-19

Tourism Boards on COVID-19



Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

ETOA referral

  • ETOA’s Italian lawyer can support member companies if they have queries:  Avv. Dino Costanza

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Business Support 

  • UK Government information for business (includes health guidance) and guidance for employers and employees to operate safely in a range of workplaces
  • HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) tax helpline set up for business and self-employed concerned about paying their tax due
  • Overview of UK Government business financial support measures (including self-employed). A support finder tool has also been published here. The following measures apply to businesses based throughout the UK:
    • Bounce Back Loan Scheme (opens on 4 May 2020) of up to 25% of SME’s turnover, capped at £50,000. The Government will provide a 100% guarantee and cover the first 12 months of interest payments and any lender-levied fees. The application process is designed to be easier than CBILS with no complex eligibility criteria. Businesses are unable to apply if already receiving CBILS but can transfer to the Bounce Back scheme until 4 November 2020.
    • Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS) of up to £5 million (for SMEs with an annual turnover of up to £45 million) run by the British Business Bank. The scheme is open and to apply contact one of these accredited commercial lenders directly. The Government will provide a Business Interruption Payment to cover the first 12 months of interest payments and any lender-levied fees.
    • Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CLBILS) for businesses with an annual turnover of over £45 million and less than £250 million can apply for up to £25 million. Businesses with an annual turnover of over £250 million can apply for up to £50 million. The scheme opened on 20 April 2020 and is run by the British Business Bank. For further information to apply click here.
    • Covid Corporate Financing Facility (for large businesses with a good credit rating) run by the Bank of England.
    • Job retention scheme in operation until 31 October 2020 where the Government through HMRC will reimburse up to 80% of a ‘furloughed’ employee’s gross wages capped at £2,500 per month. From 1 July part time working allowed for furloughed workers (more details published on 12 June) and from 1 August businesses will be required to financially contribute to the scheme. Factsheet on new changes published here. The cut off date for workers to be ‘furloughed’ for the first time is 10 June and employee must have been on the payroll before 20 March.
    • Self-employment income support scheme where the Government through HMRC will provide a grant worth 80% of average monthly profits up to £7,500. Factsheet on new changes published here.
    • VAT payments due to HMRC for the period 20 March 2020 to 30 June 2020 can be deferred until the end of the 2020-21 tax year. This does not cover payments for VAT MOSS or Import VAT.

Tourism Boards on COVID-19

Long-haul source markets for Europe

Disclaimer: While best efforts have been made to verify the accuracy of the information, the information displayed on this page should be used as guidance only.

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