Many hotels, hostels and other accommodation providers have created their own operating guidelines. These reassure both staff and guests, and cover matters such as enhanced cleaning protocols, hands-free check-in, dining arrangements and changes to housekeeping.  

Many national governments have created specific guidelines for the accommodation and hospitality industry. If you are looking for a specific country’s guidelines, please see our COVID-10 resources page or contact us. 

Below you can find a sample of some of the chains’ operating guidelines, links to hotel associations’ guidelines and the WHO accommodation guidelines. These can serve as inspiration to other accommodation providers or give operators and partners an idea of what to expect.  

The most common protocols focused on: 

  • Enhanced cleaning 
  • Hand sanitising materials
  • Online check in procedures 
  • Limiting number of people in lifts / elevators
  • Arrangements for breakfast

If you would like us to add materials to this page, please contact us.

Industry Association and WHO guidelines

UK Hospitality

COVID-19 secure guidelines for hospitality businesses

World Health Organization

31 March 2020: Operational considerations for COVID-19 management in the accommodation sector

World Travel and Tourism Council

Global protocols for the new normal: Hospitality

WYSE Travel Confederation

COVID-19 Safe Accommodation Declaration

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